Microtechnology Lab


1. SPIE Newsroom

Illumation & Displays (2006)
May 12, Wei-Chih Wang, "Building better head-mounted displays using microfabrication".

2. UWME Microelectromechanical System Seminar

Nov. 3, Prof. Martin Afromowitz, "Micro-machined aerodynamic lens particulate concentrator".
Nov. 19, Prof. Lih Lin, "Photonics- from micro to nano".
Nov. 23, Prof. An-Bang Wang, "A study about the taboo of rotation timing for the flapping wing flight".
Dec. 19, Prof. Per Reinhall, "Improving the function of the sick human heart through engineering", presented at STUT, NTU.
Dec. 19, Prof. Wei-Chih Wang, "Polymer based optical scanner for endoscopic application", presented at STUT.

Aug. 12, Prof. Wei-Chih Wang, "Overview of microtahcnology laboratory research", presented at NCKU.
Aug. 19, Prof. Martin Afromowitz, "Photography with a twist", presented at STUT, NCKU and NTU.
Oct. 13, Prof. Chung-Wen Chang, "Modal analysis of complex dielectric waveguides by rigorous transverse mode integral equation formulation".
Oct. 14, Prof. Chung-Wen Chang, "Semiconductor dielectric waveguides, basic theory and design principle".
Dec. 3, Prof. Akira Ishimaru, "Acoustical and optical scattering and imaging of tissues-an overview", presented at STUT, NCKU, NSYU and NTU.

Aug. 8-10, Prof. Eun Sok Kim, "Piezoelectric and acoustic MEMS", presented in NCKU, ITRI, STUT and NTU.
Nov. 9-10, Prof. Viola Vogel, "Towards molecular manufacturing driven by nanomotors", presented at STUT.

Jun. 3, Mr. Ivo Stachiv, Visiting Scholar from the Institute of Applied Mechanics, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan,  "Optical viscometer".
Nov. 3, Mr. Yan-Min Kuo, Visiting Scholar from the Department of Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan, "Study the acoustic characteristics and sound insulations of a FRP material".

Jul. 30, Prof. Blake Hannaford, "Research at University of Washington Biorobotics Lab", presented at NTU.

3. UW Engineering 100    

Final robot competition, spring 2010

Wii remote controlled NXT robot

NI LabVIEW piano

Music glove

Water calculator

4. UW Center for Commercialization

The Technology Transfer Annual Report published by UW Center for Commerialization every year has a good coverage of our annual disclosures and the introduction to the LiteTouch startup company.

5. Activities

Prof. Wang's solo performance videos: Nov. 17, 2010 and Nov. 3, 2010.