How to Order Testing

Whole blood sample should be drawn Monday through Thursday and shipped the same day for OVERNIGHT DELIVERY, in a spill-proof kit, labeled biohazard, at room temperature. Samples must be received from Monday through Friday.

Send a completed Lab Requisition Form [14K PDF*] for each sample submitted. Incomplete requisitions may result in delay of testing or inability to process your sample. All samples require referral by a physician or lab.


Billing should be done through a physician's office or lab:

  • We will invoice your office or lab on the date the final report is issued and mailed to you.
  • Terms of Payment: Net 30 days from date of invoice.
  • Payable in US dollars.
  • Make all checks payable to UW Invoice Receivables.
  • Include the invoice number of your check and mail all payments to:

University of Washington
Invoice Receivables
PO Box 94224
Seattle, WA 98124

  • All payments will be processed by Student Fiscal Services (SFS) at the University of Washington. SFS processes checks electronically using the information on the check to create an electronic funds transfer. Each time you send a check, you authorize a one-time transfer where funds will be electronically withdrawn from your bank account. You will not receive your cancelled check, as SFS is required to destroy the check after it has been processed.

*Software capable of displaying a PDF is required for viewing or printing this document. You may download a free copy of Adobe Reader from the Adobe website at

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