Solheim Manufacturing Science & Technology Laboratory


Facility Capabilities

Our laboratory capabilities are reliant on our personnel and equipment, which are supported by an excellence network of local companies, other UW research facilities, and valued alumni. A major focus of our abilities is towards manufacturing tribology: the science and technology of interacting surfaces in relative motion for manufacturing processes.

In our Metal Additive Manufacturing lab (AM Lab), we are studying Electron Beam melting and selective laser melting process to additively manufacture high temperature materials, i.e., Ti6Al4V. In AM lab, our studies are focused on understanding process and structure properties including mechanical, microstructural, fatigue and fracture, etc. We are also studying analytical and numerical modeling of powder characteristics, powder morphology, packing density, microstructure modelling and thermal simulation of powder bed fusion of Ti6Al4V.

In our Non-Traditional Machining lab (NTM Lab) we study the effects of the non-traditional manufacturing processes on any given material. Our Traditional Machining lab (TM Lab) was created to study the effects of the traditional machining processes on metallic materials. Our Test Equipment is used for classification of micro/macrostructural properties and surface finish effects of the manufacturing processing for a given material.

Technical Services

  • Custom Machining & Part Fabrication
  • Decarburization, Carburization, & Nitriding Specification Evaluations
  • Fatigue Life Characterization
  • Fracture & Failure Analysis
  • Manufacturing Processing Tribology & Classification
  • Microhardness Testing (Weld Profiles & Case Depth Evaluations)
  • Microstructure Imaging & Specification Evaluations
  • Surface Roughness Characterization & Analysis
  • Wear Life Case Studies

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