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MSTL Team Win Alexander Zhilyaev Award for the Best Poster presentation at International
Conference on Superplasticity in Advanced Materials (ICSAM 2023)

Mr. Eric Bol Graduate Student presented two research works at the 14th International Conference on Superplas9city in Advanced Materials (ICSAM 2023) held on July 10-12th, 2023 in Barcelona, Spain.

Oral Presentation: “Investigation of the complexities inherent in manufacturing near-unconstrained superplastic
parts by experiments and simulation” Bryan Ferguson, Eric Bol, D.G. Sanders, and M. Ramulu.

Poster Presentation: “Improved stochastic dissimilar diffusion bonding model with experimental validation”, Bryan Ferguson, Neha Kulkarni, D.G. Sanders, Eric Bol, M. Ramulu.

2023 Graduation Celebration

PhD graduates Garrett Kelley and Jeremy Ryatt with Prof Ramulu

PhD graduate Reid Schur and MS graduate Alex Hicker with Prof Ramulu and Prof Arola

MS graduates Onkar Patil with Prof Ramulu

Garrett Kelley Won Best Paper Award in Advanced Manufacturing Track at ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition (IMECE) 2022

Ph.D. student Garrett Kelley’s recent research with Boeing-Pennell Endowed Professor Ramulu Mamidala measured the impact of electron beam melting setup on the variability of layer thickness. Their paper about the research, “Build chamber and start plate variability during electron beam melting machine setup,” received the Advanced Manufacturing Track Best Paper Award at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers International Mechanical Engineering Congress & Exposition in fall 2022. Find details at ME @ UW News.

2021 Graduation Celebration

2021 Graduation Celebration Dinner: Myself (MR), Vinati and current students (including families) with PhD graduates, Dr. Sai Krovvidi (6th from left), and Dr. Abdullah Alajmi (2nd from right)

2019 Graduation ceremony

2019 Graduation ceremony. PhD graduates (from  left to right) – Rishi Pahuja, Stefan Hovik, myself (MR), Harinder Oberoi, Nishita Anandan and Bryan Ferguson

2018 MSTL Family Thanksgiving  dinner

Thanksgiving dinner and alumni meet at Salty’s (Alki Beach)



  29 – 31 December 2017, Department of Civil Engineering, Osmania University, Hyderabad

Invited Lecture-”




International Conference on Composite Materials and Structures ICCMS 2017

27-29th December 2017, Hyderabad, INDIA

Organized by Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad, Telangana, INDIA

Plenary lecture Delivered by Professor Ramulu, on “Machined Surface Integrity Effects on the Strength Properties, DamageEvolution and Fatigue Strength of Composite Laminates” by Harinder Oberoi and M. Ramulu,  ICCMS held at HTCC, Novatel Hotel, on December 27th, 2017



December 24th, 2017, University College of Engineering, OU

Professor Ramulu was recently felicitated as Eminent Alumnus by Osmania University, Hyderabad at Osmania Engineers Centenary Global Alumni Meet.

Eminent Alumnus, Osmania University

In media:


Two papers were presented at ASME Tampa Conference:

  • “Edge Finishing effects on Mechanical Properties of Composite Laminates” Paper#IMECE2017-72583, by M. Ramulu and Harinder Oberoi.
  • Experimental Investigation of Peripheral Milling of Functionally Gradient Al-SiC Metal Matrix Composite,

    Paper#IMECE2017-72583, by Nishita Anandan and Mamidala Ramulu


13th International conference on SHOT PEENING

Professor Ramulu,
International Scientific Cimmittee for Shot Peening

Hotel Delta Montreal
475, President-Kennedy Avenue
Montreal, H3a 1j7 Canada

SEPT 18th to 21th 2017


SummerSim Multi-Conferfence 2017
July 9-12, 2017
Bellevue, Seattle Area, WA



2017 Annual Conference,Hyatt Regency Indianapolis,
Indianapolis, IN 46204 ,
June 12 – June 15, 2017

Student participation and Presentation:
Effect of Heat Treatment on Friction Stir Welded Dissimilar Titanium Alloys
Mr. Kapil Gangwar and M. Ramulu


Graduation Ceremony, 2017
Mechanical Engineering Graduation, Kane Hall, UW


Left to Right- Dr. Kapil D Gangwar, Prof. Ramulu, Dr. Renuka Prabhakar

IMG_2271        IMG_2260

Mr. Kelley Garrett, MSME Graduate

Dr. Kapil Gangwar’s PhD defense (May 22, 2017)


MSTL Alumni at Dr. Gangwar’s PhD defense. Left to right- Dr. Sanders (2008), Prof. Ramulu, Dr. Gangwar, Prof. Arola (1996), Dr. Briggs (2010), Dr. Kulkarni ( 2015)

MSEC: Manufacturing Science
and Engineering Conference, June 4 – 8, 2017
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA

Poster Presentations:

  1. Abrasive Waterjet Machining of Hybrid Composites – Titanium/CFRP Laminates and stacks
    Ramulu Mamidala, Rishi Pahuja, University of Washington
  2. Friction Stir Welding Dissimilar Titanium Alloys,
    Kapil Gangwar, Rishi Pahuja and M. Ramulu


SAMPE 2017, Conference: May 22-25, 2017
Washington State Convention Center / Seattle, Washington

Student participation and Presentations:
1.Experimental Study of Abrasive Wear Behavior of CFRPs Using Rotary
Platform Abraser with Varying Abrasive Grain Size and Fiber Contact Angle
Nishita Anandan and Ramulu Mamidala

2.Machinability of TI/CFRP Stacks in Trimming and Drilling Using Abrasive Waterjet
Rishi Pahuja and Ramulu Mamidala

3. Experimental and Numerical Methods for Characterization of Impact Damage in Titnaium-Graphite Laminates
Stefan P. Hovik and Mamidala Ramulu


AeroMat 2017, Charleston Area Convention Center, Charleston SC, April 9-12, 2017

Student participation and Presentations only:

1.Interfacial characteristics of friction stir welded dissimilar titanium alloys: Timetal-54M and Ti-6242,
Mr. Kapil Gangwar and M. Ramulu

2.Experimental and Numerical Methods for Characterization of Impact Damage in Titanium-Graphite Laminates
Mr. Stefan Hovik  and Prof. Ramulu Mamidala , University of Washington, Seattle, WA

3. Preliminary Results for Dissimilar Titanium Alloy Diffusion Bonding Using a Surface Roughness Finite Element Model
Mr. Bryan Ferguson  and M. Ramulu

4. Sensing the Tool Tip Position in Drilling of Composite-Titanium Stack Materials
Dr. Eshetu D. Eneyew and M. Ramulu



Phoenix Convention Center,Phoenix, AZ 85004, Nov 11-17, 2016

Student participation and Presentations
Abrasive Waterjet Profile Cutting Of Thick Titanium/Graphite Fiber Metal Laminate
Rishi Pahuja,  M. Ramulu and M. Hashish

iDIC 2016,

Zone wise local characterization of friction stir welded Ti-6Al-2Sn-4Zr-2Mo sheets by digital image correlation method
Mr. Kapil Gangwar and M. Ramulu


23rd International Conference on Water jetting  2016
BHR Water jetting Conference  held in  University of Washington, Seattle, WA  16th – 18th November 2016

Technical Advisory Committee

Water Jetting 2016 relies on a team of distinguished technical advisors to ensure that the conference scope is current and relevant and that all submissions are peer-reviewed to maintain a high standard of quality. The Technical Advisory Committee for 2016 comprises of:

UK Committee Members
Mr. Mark Fairhurst, BHR Group, UK (Chairman)
Professor Dragos Axinte, University of Nottingham, UK
Professor Vanessa Cutler, Consultant, UK
Mr. Trevor Fewell, Angus Fire, UK
Mr. David Kennedy, The Water Jetting Association, UK
Mr. Don Miller, Miller Innovations, UK
Mr. Rob Smith, Rolls Royce PLC, UK

International Committee Members
Professor Raimondo Ciccu, University of Cagliari Digita, Italy
Dr. Mohamed Hashish, Flow International Corp, USA
Dr. Axel Henning, OMAX Corporation, USA
Professor Libor Hlavac, VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava, Czech Republic
Professor Emeritus Ryoji Kobayashi, Tohoku University, Japan
Professor Ramulu Mamidala, University of Washington, USA
Professor Michele Monno, Politecnico Di Milano, Italy
Mr. Randolph Rapple, Barton International, USA
Dr. Seiji Schimizu, Nihon University, Japan
Mr. Franz Trieb, BFT GmbH, Austria
Dr. Mohan Vijay, VLN Advanced Technologies Inc., Canada
Mr. Marcel van Wonderen, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, The Netherlands
Senior Consultant
Professor Emeritus David Summers, Missouri University of Science and Technology, USAM

Keynote Speakers in the Conference:

Dr. Daniel (Dan) G. Sanders , Senior Technical Fellow Boeing Company, Dr. Mohamed Hashish , Senior Technical Fellow, Flow International Corporation, Professor Ramulu Mamidala , University of Washington, Professor Emeritus David A. Summers   Curators’ Professor of Mining Emeritus, Missouri University of Science and Technology , Dr. John Henry Oslen  VP Operations, OMAX Corporation


Dr. Daniel (Dan) G. Sanders – Senior Technical Fellow and  Solheim MSTL Alumni and The Boeing Company, Boeing Research & Technology delivers the opening Keynote address at The 23rd International Conference on Water Jetting in Seattle.

dsc06680Dr. Soyama, Tohoku University, Prof Ramulu, Dr. Hashish, Dr. David Summers and Mr. Franz Trieb, President & CEO BFT GmbHAustria


Keynote Address by Prof Ramulu on “Thirty Years of Water Jet Research at University of Washington” on October 18, 2016

Symposium JCDREAM 2016:

Joint Center for Deployment and Research in Earth Abundant Materials, October 3-4, 2016
Everett Community College, Henry M. Jackson Center, Wilderness Auditorium (JKC 101)
Professor Ramulu presented “Additive manufacturing (AM) of metallic structural parts by Electron Beam Melting Process”


MSTL Group along with Rep. Norma Smith attending the JCDREAM Symposium

National Federation of Indian Associations (NFIA), at its 19th National Biennial Convention held in Seattle WA , Sept 30-October 2, 2016 Professor Ramulu Mamidala was recognized and honored for his contributions to the field of Applied Sciences.

NFIA Award-1 nfia-president-ramulu


Graduation Ceremony 2016
UW Mechanical Engineering Graduation 6-12-16 in Kane Hall (C) 2016

faculty on the dias 2016Faculty on the podium

UW Mechanical Engineering Graduation 6-12-16 in Kane Hall (C) 2016 Karen Orders Photography

Genao Butler Paola+Arjith-2016

New Graduates from MSTL group:

Shanti Ravali Namburi (2016 …)

UW Mechanical Engineering Graduation 6-12-16 in Kane Hall (C) 2016 Karen Orders Photography

Ms. Genao Butler Paola (2016 Sp), The Boeing Commercial Airplane Co.,Seattle, WA

Genao Butler Paola-2016-1

Mr. Noel C. Borden (2016 Sp), The Boeing Commercial Airplane Co.,Seattle, WA

Borden 2016-2
Mr. Arjit S Heer (2016 W), Associate Structures Systems Operations Engineer,
Virgin Galactic in Mojave, California

Arjith Heer-1
Mr.Qi Zhang (2016 W),
Mr. Jorge Arriaga (2016 Sp), The Boeing Commercial Airplane Co.,Seattle, WA

2015 Academic Year

Dr Jeff Miller (PhD 2015), selected as Senior Technical Fellow in the Boeing Company, Nov 13, 2015 Boeing News—Congrats Jeff!
Professor Ramulu gave a Keynote  Lecture at the International Workshop on Cavitation Peening and Related Phenomena, as part of 12th International Conference on Flow Dynamics held in Sendai Japan, October 27-29,2015.
Rishi Pahuja, Graduate student presented a paper on his research and also chaired a session at the US Waterjet Conference held in New Orleans, Nov 2-4, 2015

TANA “Excellence in Education” Award
TANA Conference held at Detroit  on July 2-4, 2015

Professor Mamidala received the “Excellence in Education” award from the from Telugu Association of North America (TANA), an organization dedicated to addressing the social, cultural and educational needs of the Telugu community.


Professor Ramulu receiving the Excellence in Education Award from Telugu Association of North America

House Bill 1897, JCDREAM

On July 6th, Gov. Jay Inslee signed legislation to create the Joint Center for Deployment and Research in Earth-Abundant Materials (JCDREAM), a UW/WSU/PNNL collaborative education and research center. The Bill, sponsored by Rep. Norma Smith, R-Clinton; aims at advancing the framework for advancing the use of Earth abundant materials in clean technologies. Read more.. [Norma Smith]


ASME McMAT 2015 Conference
Seattle. WA

The ASME McMAT 2015,  Applied Mechanics and Materials Conference,  was held in Seattle at the Motif Hotel near Seattle Downtown Waterfront from June 29-July 1, 2015, under the combined auspices of the Applied Mechanics and Materials Divisions of the ASME. It is a conference happening every four years and covering all aspects of mechanics and materials: theoretical, experimental, and computational. Professor Ramulu organized the symposium on “Machining of Advanced composites and Surface Integrity”.


From Left to Right: Shanti Namburi, Prof. Venkateswara Rao Paruchuri (IIT Delhi), Dr. Eshetu Eneyew, Prof. Ramulu Mamidala, Prof. Redouane Zitoune (Clément Ader Institute of Toulouse University), Dr. Alex O’Connor, Dr. Jeffery Miller, Anirudh Iyer, Rishi Pahuja

Graduation Ceremony 2015
Kane Hall, UW

Five students graduated from MST Laboratory this year.

62015 Mechanical Engineering Graduates and faculty outside Suzzallo Library, University of Washington


From Right to Left: MSME students: Ms. Leslie Regier, Shane A. Possinger, Rishi Pahuja, Anirudh Iyer, Dr. Neha Kulkarni, Dr. Jeffery Miller, Prof. Ramulu Mamidala

UW Mechanical Engineering Graduation in Kane Hall on 6-14-15 (C) 2015 Karen Orders Photography  UW Mechanical Engineering Graduation in Kane Hall on 6-14-15 (C) 2015 Karen Orders Photography  UW Mechanical Engineering Graduation in Kane Hall on 6-14-15 (C) 2015 Karen Orders Photography  UW Mechanical Engineering Graduation in Kane Hall on 6-14-15 (C) 2015 Karen Orders Photography

From Left to Right : Neha Kulkarni, Jeffery Miller, Rishi Pahuja and Anirudh Iyer with Professor Ramulu

Fellowship Luncheon 2015
Kane Hall, UW

UW Mechanical Engineering Scholarship/Fellowship Luncheon on 2-4-15 in HUB Lyceum (C) 2015 Karen Orders Photography

Prof. Ramulu and his mentor Prof. Albert Kobayashi at Mechanical Fellowship Luncheon on Feb 4, 2015

Spring 2015
Quad, UW

Cherry Blossoms are something not to miss out when you are at University of Washington. Being a Husky, MSTL group enjoys visiting quad in Spring.


From Left to Right: Sai Krovvidi, Qi Zhang, Rishi Pahuja, Shanti Ravali, Prof. Ramulu, Anirudh Iyer, Kapil Gangwar, Neha Kulkarni


Boeing Advanced Research Center (BARC) Inauguration
January 19th, 2015


Riveting Process demonstration to the Governor Jay Inslee by Sai Krovvidi (PhD student) and Smith Riley of The Boeing Company at BARC, UW

J.H. “Jud” Hall Composites Manufacturing Award, 2014
Covington, KY

In an effort to recognize the valuable contributions made within the composites manufacturing industry, SME’s Composites Manufacturing Tech Group recently presented its annual awards during Composites Manufacturing 2014, held April 8-10 at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center in Covington, KY.

SME 2014

The J.H. “Jud” Hall Composites Manufacturing Award, created in 1986, is presented annually to an individual who has contributed to composites manufacturing or tooling technology through leadership, technical developments, patents or educational activities. The award celebrates innovation in solving Issues related to production and applications development. This year’s recipient is SME member Mamidala Ramulu, PhD, FSME, Boeing-Pennell professor of engineering and professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Washington (Seattle). Ramulu, an educator since 1982, has contributed to composites manufacturing in the fields of traditional machining. He has guided dozens of students through master’s and doctoral programs in composite manufacturing.

ASEE National Award
Atlanta, GA

Professor Ramulu Received National Award of American Society for Engineering Education’s (ASEE) “ISADORE T. DAVIS AWARD for Excellence in Collaboration of Engineering Education and Industry” in Atlanta GA, June 26, 2013


Professor Ramulu appointment as the Boeing-Pennel Professor of Engineering, in Mechanical Engineering, ME CELEBRATION, April 19, 2013