Solheim Manufacturing Science & Technology Laboratory

Testing Equipments

Testing Equipment

 Dynamic Impact Testing Station
   R.R. Moore Rotating Beam Fatigue Testing System
SATEC (Instron)
Equipment Description
   TABER Abrasion (Wear) Testing System
TABER Industries
Equipment Specifications
   LECO AMH 43 Microhardness Testing System
Equipment Specifications
Equipment Manual
  Mahr Surface (Profilometer) Analysis System
Equipment Specifications
Manual-1 (XR20 MarWin)
Manual-2 (GD25)
 microVu MicroVu Sol Precision Measuring Machine
Micro Vu
Equipment Specifications
Olympus OMNISCAN SX Ultrasonic Testing Machine
A-B-C scans and phased array Technology
Omniscan Sx
   Nikon Optical Microscope Imaging System
Nikon Instruments
Casella Micro-dust pro Casella CEL-712 Micro-dust Pro
for detection of aerosols, dust and fumes
TSI p-track TSI P-TRAK Ultrafine Particle Counter 8525


 Grimm  Grimm Aerosol Spectrometer 1.109 and Topas Diluter
impactor  Sioutas Cascade Impactor