Transforming Museums is a student-led conference for students, professionals, and faculty. The student volunteer board changes each year. This year's board is listed below:

Transforming Museums Student Leadership Board

Shana West, Conference Coordinator

Submissions Committee
Katie Harrison, Co-Chair
Jason Herrington, Co-Chair

Marketing/PR Committee
Kim Owens, Co-Chair
Jessica Rubenacker, Co-Chair

Development Committee
Amber Greenleaf, Co-Chair
Darby Riley, Co-Chair

Volunteer Committee
Molly Dalessandro, Co-Chair
Karin Hoffman, Co-Chair

Events Committee
Natalia DePaula, Co-Chair
Katie Van Vorhis, Co-Chair
Michael Ide, Field Trip Coordinator

Evaluations Committee
Suzanne Perrin, Co-Chair
Leah Pepin, Co-Chair