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NUE UNIQUE’s Mission: To develop a nationally replicable model of a sustainable and up-to-date undergraduate teaching laboratory of scanning probe methods applied to nanosciences and nanotechnology.


NUE UNIQUE’s Partners:


o        UW - Genetically Engineered Materials Science & Engineering Center GEMSEC (NSF-MRSEC),

o        UW - Center of Nanotechnology (CNT)

o        North Seattle Community College (NSCC), Seattle, WA

o        Nanosurf, AG (Liestal, Switzerland) and nanoScience Instruments (Phoenix, AZ)


NUE UNIQUE’s Course Offerings:




Nanoscience On the Tip  (Use this link to obtain Course Materials and to register for the Summer Workshop.)

This is a one-week intensive hands-on workshop using a large variety of scanning probe microscopes applied to fundamental problems in biology, chemistry, physics and engineering. Offered to students at the UW, Community Colleges and nationwide. The number of participants is limited. The application process starts generally in early Spring.  For questions please contact



Introduction to Molecular and Nanoscale Engineering for sophomore and junior students.