The National Student Exchange program at the University of Washington will be discontinued after the end of the 2015-2016 academic year, and the UW is no longer accepting any new incoming or outgoing NSE students.



Prospective Students

The 2013 NSE information session schedule is:

  • Jan.10, 1:30pm
  • Jan. 15, 12:30pm
  • Jan. 16, 3pm
  • Jan. 23, 3pm
  • Jan. 29, 12:30pm
  • Feb. 4, 10:30am

All sessions take place in Mary Gates Hall 173R (enter through 171) except for Tuesday, January 15th which will be in MGH 224

NSE is a domestic exchange program that provides UW students an opportunity to attend another institution for a maximum of one year and still pay resident fees. The program is best suited for rising sophomores and some juniors who have flexibility in their academic program. Other students should consult with their departmental adviser or the NSE coordinator about the advantages and disadvantages of going on exchange. International and postbaccalaureate students are not eligible to participate.

To begin the process, you should pick up an information booklet titled NSE Directory of Exchange Opportunities at the Center for Undergraduate Advising, Diversity & Student Success (141 Mary Gates Hall). The NSE Directory is available soon after the start of Fall quarter. This booklet lists all the schools that participate in the NSE, and will provide you with some basic information about each school. Then, after you have decided which school you would like to apply for, consult with your academic advisor or departmental advisor and discuss issues such as course transfers and graduation requirements. Also, if you utilize the FAFSA form, be sure to mark all the schools you are interested in attending, including the University of Washington.

Applications are available only by attending an information session. Applications submitted after the due date will be considered on a space available basis.

Please read the NSE Directory carefully. It will answer many of your questions. Pay close attention to campus details like which programs are open or closed or have special requirements.

You may choose from any one of the 200 campuses listed in the directory. If the campus is not listed in the directory, you may not attend that school through NSE. A minimum GPA of 2.5 is required for exchange.

There are two exchange plans, A and B. Plan A allows you to attend another school and pay their in state tuition and fees. Plan B allows you to attend another school but continue to pay your tuition to the University of Washington as you would if you were taking classes here. The NSE Directory has a good explanation of both plans.

If you are applying for Financial Aid, be sure to include the schools you are considering for exchange as well as the University of Washington. If you are receiving scholarships, you should speak with a financial aid counselor about the best way to finance your exchange. Make sure to file your FASFA by February 15.

The best time to go on exchange is during your sophomore or junior year. Seniors can participate, although there may be limitations due to the senior residency requirements. Students who wish to exchange during senior year should contact the NSE Coordinator. If you have declared a major, you must have permission from your department and they must approve your course selection. No 5th year or graduate students are eligible for exchange. Your grades will not be averaged into your UW GPA, but courses will be listed as transfer credits.

Applications will be available starting in November. There will be an application fee of $175. Please mark only the schools you want to go to. If you mark one school and do not get placed, you will get part of your application fee refunded to you. If you mark more than one choice and you are placed into one of the schools, and you withdraw because it was not your 1st choice, you will get no refund. Therefore, list only the schools you want to go to.

For more information, visit the timeline for exchange planning.

Confirmed Students

After placements are completed you will receive an email listing your placement and information about signing you Placement Confirmation. Please note that you must attend a signing session and complete your paperwork by the deadline or your placement will be cancelled. Dates and times of signing sessions will be in the email you receive.

Your placement is made based on the information you have given us on your application. Any changes to that information (e.g. GPA, payment plan, housing option) after the decision is made may result in cancellation of your placement.

You will shortly hear from your host institution and receive information about completing the application process, housing, finances, etc. Rest assured that if you have been placed it means you've been accepted by the host school, but they still need information about you and so will send you some kind of application to fill out. If you do not receive any information from the school, please let us know immediately.

If you decide not to accept your placement, or if you accept the placement and decide later not to go, please email Leslie Ikeda, NSE Coordinator, at Letting your coordinator know in a timely way that you are not going can make it possible for another student to take your place.

When you arrive at your host campus, please email us to update your contact information. Further changes in your contact information need to be brought to our attention immediately.

At the end of each term of exchange, after the grades have been posted, please request an official transcript to be sent to the NSE Office.

University of Washington
141 Mary Gates Hall Box 352805
Seattle, Washington 98195-2805

This will ensure your place at the University of Washington when you return.

Returning Students

  • Make sure that you check your email on a regular basis for any messages from the Registrars Office and the Financial Aid Office.
  • Also keep in mind that you will have to register yourself for the following Autumn quarter during our Spring quarter while you are still attending your host school. Therefore, you will want to check your MyUW in order to know your priority registration date for Autumn quarter.
  • Make sure your transcripts have been sent to the UW before you return so that you receive credit for your exchange.

141 Mary Gates Hall
For Appointments: (206) 543-2550

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