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Frequently Asked Questions







Q:† How do I open Centricity Web directly (not through Mindscape?)


A:† Go to the following URL http://depts.washington.edu/pacshelp and select the link on the left side of the page to access Centricity Web 2.1at the UW.


Access to Centricity Web requires a PACS account.† You can email or call the Helpdesk (mcsos@u.washington.edu or 206.543.7012) and request an account is you donít already have one.


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Q:† How do I access my Patientsí exams in Mindscape?


A:† You do not need a PACS log in to access images from Mindscape. Clicking on the "Centricity Online Images" link on the Radiology page in Mindscape will still take you to that Patientís Folder in PACS You will have access to images for this patient.†




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Q:† What do all the Icons mean?




† This means there are no images on the server for that exam.


† This means the exam images are on the server in short term storage and are immediately available. If you single click on one of these for a given study, Image Thumbnails will appear in the Pictorial area of Centricity Web.† By default, the system will display the First, Middle, and Last image of each Series in thumbnail format.


† This means that the Exam Images have been sent to the Archive.† When this button appears, it means that the exam is archived, but is not immediately available.† If you wish to see these images, click on the button, and the Fetch button will appear at the top left of the Exam List.†


Clicking the Fetch button will retrieve the images from the archive, and the †button will appear for that study after refreshing the worklist with .


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Q:† How do I get help on Centricity Web?


A:† ††This button takes you to the online help page, which enables you to access help by Contents, Index, or Search functions.


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Q:† How do I view the Images full screen?


A:† There are several ways to access the images.† You can double click on the image preview thumbnails in the Pictoral window.† You can double click on the Study in the Worklist.† You can single click on the †icon to the left of the Patient Name in the Worklist.† This will display a drop down of the series included in that exam:

Clicking on any of the series will also display those images in the Pictoral area, and double clicking will display them full screen.† Double click again to go back to the previous size.


Note that one of these series contains a Significant Image, denoted by the †Icon.


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Q:† How do I get back to the Worklist once Iím viewing the images?


A:† The †button at the top of the Centricity 2.1 Window will take you back to the worklist within Centricity.† Note that the Internet Explorer Back Button †will take you back to the Patient Search in Mindscape.† Hitting this button twice will enable you to select a new Patient from Mindscape without logging you out.


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Q:† How do I save the images so that I can email them or use in a presentation?


A:† Right click on the image and select Export JPG or Export TIFF:

JPG results in a smaller, compressed image, ideal for sharing, while TIFF results in a larger, better quality image more suitable for presentations.† Youíll get to the usual Windows ďSave AsĒ dialog box:



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Q:† How do I cine through a multi-slice image series such as CT or MR?

A:† Once the exam is displayed in the Image View area, click on the †button to auto-cine through the series.† This will loop through the series repeatedly.† To pause the auto-cine, click on the †button.† Subsequently, when you single click on an image, your mouse cursor will change to look like the mouse arrow with the cine reel †next to it.† Holding the mouse button down, while dragging the mouse up and down will cine through the series.


Note:† Once a series is in Cine mode, denoted by the cine reel icon †in the upper left corner of the image, you will need to press the pause button †again to be able to navigate the images elsewhere.† The Cine Reel Icon will disappear.


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Q:† How do I control the display area in the Exam View?


A:† Centricity Web has two different ways of controlling the display area:† Series Area and Viewport.† Series area is controlled by these two buttons:† ††The first will display the exam in one virtual monitor, the second will display up to two series in two different virtual monitors.

The Viewport buttons †control how the series are displayed within each of the virtual monitors.† This dialog is opened by clicking on the dropdown triangle next to the top Viewport button.



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Q:† How do I control the Window and Level settings?


A:† With the Image selected, holding down the Right Mouse button and dragging the mouse will allow you to change the Window and Level.† Moving the Mouse Left and Right adjusts the Window, while moving it up and down adjusts the Level.


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Q: The PET images are all black and white. How do I get them in grey scale?


A: Click on the Windows/Levels settings icon, and select Auto. If you prefer viewing the images in Inverse Grey, click the Invert button..


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Q:† Why does it take longer to scroll through the images the first time I load them?


A:† The first time you scroll through the images, they are being retrieved from the database, pushed through the PACS web server, and sent over the internet before they finally arrive at your workstation.† Once all of this happens, the images should be stored (depends on your local workstation settings) in the internet cache on your hard drive or in the memory.† From here the images are accessed much more quickly.


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Q:† Iím looking for outside films that have been sent to PACS.† Why canít I see them from MINDscape?


A:† MINDscape gets its information from the hospital billing system, since outside films are not associated with a billable order they are not linked in MINDscape. However these films can be viewed if you connect directly to Centricity Web, instead of using MINDscape.


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Q:† What do the other buttons on the right in the Image Display view do?


A:† As you move your mouse over the other buttons, you will notice that a balloon appears with a short explanation of what they do. Note that most of these functions can be more rapidly accessed by right-clicking on an image. The top and the bottom buttons are for conferencing features that are not installed in Centricity Web.


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Q: How do I do all of this from my home computer (or my Mac)?


A: Use the Radiology WTS (Windows Terminal Server). Follow the directions here to get your home computer or Mac connected. Once connected, you will see desktop icons that link to MINDscape, Centricity Web, and IDX.


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Q: How do you select multiple images or series?


A: Use the [ctrl] key to select multiple exams or series, just like in windows. Once multiples are selected, they will display in the Pictorial area in the left area of the screen. Double clicking on any of the selected images/series will display the multiple selected ones. Double clicking on a non-selected image will result in only that image being displayed.

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Q: How do I speed up the cine function?


A: Use the Auto-Cine function to load the entire series loop into local memory, then cine through it manually if needed.† Additionally, this area †will allow you to enter a numeric value for frames per second.

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Q: How do I expand the screen?


A: Press [F11], which toggles Internet Explorer between full screen and normal mode, or press the †full screen button, which toggles Centricity 2.1 between full screen and Internet Explorer toolbar modes.

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