The University of Washington/Northwestern University (UW/NU) Corpus contains recordings and textgrids of Pacific Northwest and Northern Cities speakers reading a subset of the IEEE "Harvard" sentences. The UW/NU Corpus Version 1.0 has been used to study the effects of dialectal variation on speech intelligibility, while version 2.0 is being used in ongoing research in speech intelligibility and gender interaction.

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The ATAROS (Automatic Tagging and Recognition of Stance) project aims to identify acoustic signals of stance-taking (opinions, evaluations, judgments, etc.) in order to inform the development of automatic stance recognition in natural speech. Because existing corpora generally have a low frequency of stance-taking in conversation, we have created an audio corpus of dyads completing collaborative tasks designed to elicit a high density of stance-taking at increasing levels of involvement.

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Perceptual Adaptation to Distortions

This project examines several issues related to speech perception under conditions of distortion (i.e., hearing loss, hearing aid amplification, dialect, foreign accent, etc). Current work is focused on cross-dialect perception and talker familiarity, and how they interact with hearing loss of different types.

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PHOIBLE (Phonetics Information Base and Lexicon) is a knowledge base of phonological inventories, structured as a queryable and extensible mathematical graph. The knowledge base includes allophonic detail for many languages, and all phones are encoded as IPA unicode and as vectors of distinctive features, allowing "fuzzy" queries for classes of sounds instead of searching using individual glyphs.

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Past Projects

Vocal Joystick

The Vocal Joystick Project seeks to develop a continuous and discrete control device based on continuous and discrete dimensions of human vocalizations. There are four continuous dimensions that can be extracted from vowel-like vocalizations: vowel height, vowel backness, pitch, and intensity.

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