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  • velocity (all levels): includes popping index (time rate), fastness index(speed), and slide steepness (slope)
  • acceleration (all levels): includes speeding up (magnitude of acceleration)
  • friction (alg,calc): includes stickiness (coefficient of friction)
  • spring constant (alg,calc): includes trampoline stiffness (spring constant), elastic cord stiffness (combining in series and parallel)
  • work (all levels) : includes car washing (product quantity), weightlifiting(grav pot energy), and job difficulty (work)
  • momentum (all levels): includes danger rating (product quantity), bumper index (magnitude of momentum change), collisions(consv of momentum rule), rocket boost(impulse)
  • torque (all levels): balance rule (net torques=0)
  • simple harmonic motion (alg, calc): invent an equation to describe SHM


  • density (all levels): includes clown crowdedness index (human density), particle crowdedness index (particle density), and mass crowdedness index (mass density)
  • specific and latent heats (college levels): includes resistance to temperature change,RTC, index (heat capacity), mass RTC index (mass specific heat), and phase change heat index (latent heat)
  • pressure (alg,calc): hailintensity index (particle pressure)
  • entropy (calc): includes possibility rule (2nd law entropy statement)
  • Electrodynamics

  • capacitance (alg,calc): electric charge storage index (capacitance)
  • electric field (alg,calc): family contribution index (characterizing a location), electric influence index (electric field)