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Our training program is directed toward the goal of preparing young scientists for a research career in reproductive medicine or biology. Fellowships are available to postdoctoral candidates with either a doctoral degree (Ph.D.) in a basic science or a professional degree (e.g., M.D.) in the medical sciences.

Opportunities are available from the faculty mentors in our training directory, representing 10 departments in the University of Washington School of Medicine and College of Arts and Sciences, as well as Washington State University and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. The disciplines include molecular and cellular developmental biology, physiology and biophysics, molecular genetics, reproductive neuroendocrinology, and applied reproductive technologies including contraceptive development.

We offer a unique and diverse educational experience, comprising the organism from molecule to mind, and committed to communication and learning across disciplines.  The CRRC currently supports six fellows.

To apply for a postdoctoral training position, please send a statement of research interests including one or two choices of mentor, one copy of your CV, and three letters of reference to Dr. Robert A. Steiner at the address below. Applications must be received by September 15 for positions to commence on or before June 30.

For further information or questions contact:
Robert A. Steiner, Ph.D.
Department of Physiology and Biophysics
University of Washington
Box 357290
Seattle, WA 98195-7290

For questions about clinical training programs in endocrinology contact:
William J. Bremner, M.D., Ph.D.
Department of Medicine
University of Washington
Box 356420
Seattle, WA 98195-6420





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