Rota Avian Behavioral Ecology Program

University of Washington, Psychology Department
Box 351525, Seattle, WA 98195

RABEP Field Station
P.O. Box 1298, Rota, MP 96951
Northern Mariana Islands

Field Assistants

May and Jarom 2005 Field Assistants

Brianna Brianna

Emily and Lauren 2006 Field Assistants

Monica 2006 Field Assistants

Evan, Dan, and Blake 2007 Field Assistants

Photos from the Field

Lainie and Melanie weighing a crow chick Melanie

Setting up a camouflaged video camera at a crow nest Nest Camera

Typical crow nest Crow Nest

Lainie banding a chick Lainie with chick

Crow nestling Chick

Crow nestling with bands Chick with Bands

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