Terrestrial Restoration Ecology Lab

Prescribed burn of a prairie restoration plot.


We address applied and basic questions related to the restoration and management of terrestrial ecosystems.


The lab is led by Dr. Jonathan Bakker, and housed at the University of Washington Botanic Gardens.

School of Environmental and Forest Sciences

University of Washington

Room 036, Merrill Hall

Box 354115,Seattle, WA 98195-4115

Contact Information:

Phone: 206-221-3864

E-mail: jbakker@uw.edu

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Welcome to Dr. Tom Crowther, a Visiting Scholar in the lab!† 09/05/2016


A new Nutrient Network (NutNet) paper in Nature shows that fertilization leads to species loss because of reduced niches. Details here. 09/01/2016.


Welcome to Dr. Claire Wainwright, a new post-doc in the lab!  She is examining vegetation dynamics in the sagebrush steppe.  06/30/2016


The Bakker lab is now on Twitterócheck out @BakkerLabUW!† 05/13/2016

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