Nursing Training at the Seattle PPC

The purpose of the PPC master's and post-master's level training program in nursing is to develop expert leaders in the field of child health and children with special health care needs (CSHCN) using the population of children and families with chronic respiratory disease as a model.

Through planned and supervised learning experiences, nursing trainees have opportunities to become clinically proficient using the PPC model and facilitate the development of leadership skills at various training sites.

Upon completion of training, the student will be able to demonstrate acquired and applied knowledge and skills in pulmonary nursing of CSHCN and their families and be proficient in the core public health functions of assessment, policy development, and assurance.

Clinical training experiences are a mix of inpatient, outpatient, community- and school-based, depending on the experiences and goals of the trainee.

For a description of leadership training, see Goals and Objectives for PPC Trainees and UW MCH Leadership Consortium.

Applying for a PPC Traineeship in Nursing

Interested nursing trainees should contact Marijo Miller Ratcliffe, ARNP for information about traineeship opportunities. Nurses starting their graduate training or who are post masters and furthering their education usually start PPC training in the fall after spring or summer quarter application and selection. Selection is based on previous experience, training goals, and desired leadership activities within the context of families and children with pulmonary health care needs.

  • Licensed Registered Nurse in Washington state
  • Two years of experience in pediatric nursing
  • Admission to University of Washington School of Nursing
  • Career goals that include working with children with special health care needs
Application Materials:
  • Completed application form
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • Personal statement including goals and objectives that will be met by the PPC training experience
  • Sample of the applicant's writing such as an article, academic paper, or patient education brochure
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Academic transcripts
  • Current Nursing License
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