How to Apply

UW graduate students in good standing, whose academic programs do not substantially overlap with the SFLT Graduate Certificate, may apply for admission. Advanced proficiency in the language of the student's interest is highly recommended. Some second or foreign language teaching or tutoring experience is also highly recommended. If you are not already a graduate student at UW, you cannot apply for the SFLT Graduate Certificate Program. Click here for a listing of graduate programs at UW that are relevant to the teaching and learning of second and foreign languages.

The SFLT Graduate Certificate Program has rolling admissions, accepting applications in Fall, Winter and Spring quarters.
  1. Choose a member of the core faculty to ask to be your SFLT Graduate Certificate Advisor. It is best to work with someone with expertise in your language of specialization. If that is not possible, you may choose a faculty member who works with a different language or in second language studies, in general.
  2. Meet with your candidate SFLT Graduate Certificate Advisor to discuss your goals and interests for the Certificate program. If the faculty member agrees, you may write application. If the faculty member does not agree, find a different core faculty member.
  3. Once you have an advisor, prepare your application to the program, using the WebQ survey. The application must include the following:
    1. Name and home department
    2. SFLT Graduate Certificate Advisor's name
    3. One-paragraph statement of purpose
    4. Proposed courses and timetable for completion
    5. Brief (1-3 sentence) description of the capstone project (this is tentative, and may be changed, as appropriate, if your interests change
    6. A copy (unofficial) of your transcript. (click here to submit)
    7. Names and contact information of three references (name, title, professional affiliation and contact information, including telephone, mail, and email addresses).

      Start the WebQ Application Here
  4. Ask your SFLT Graduate Certificate Advisor to approve your application. The advisor will give preliminary approval of your application, requests revisions, or may decline to work with you, in which case you must find a different advisor. For the application to be officially submitted, your advisor will post your name at the SFLT Graduate Certificate Administration commonview site's GoPost "Applications to be Reviewed", and email the SFLT Graduate Certificate Director that there is an application ready to be reviewed by the Steering Committee.
  5. Your application will be reviewed by the Steering Committee. Note: Applications not yet approved by SFLT Graduate Certificate Advisor (step 4) will not be reviewed.
  6. You will be notified within one month of application of acceptance to the program, acceptance with requested revisions, or non-acceptance to the program. If you have not heard within 4 weeks of submitting your application, please email the SFLT Graduate Certificate Director for an update.
  7. Everything you need to do in order to earn the Certificate is listed on the Requirements page. But, for the Certificate to be awarded, the courses to count toward the Certificate and Capstone approval information must be input into MyGrad.

    Paul Aoki and his team at the Language Learning Center complete these administrative tasks for Certificate students. To get started, please make an appointment with Paul by emailing him at After meeting with Paul and his staff, email will serve as the medium of communication to make sure that all is properly noted in MyGrad so that the Certificate can be noted on your transcript.