SIGCSE Doctoral Consortium

Portland, Oregon. March 12, 2008

The SIGCSE Doctoral Consortium (DC) is an annual event designed to benefit Ph.D. students in computing-related areas who are planning a career in academia. Students pursuing research related to computing education are a primary focus. The DC is a full-day workshop (8:30am through dinner) held the day before the regular sessions of the SIGCSE Technical Symposium begin. Those wishing to attend must first apply by November 7, 2007.

The aims of the Doctoral Consortium are:

  • To offer a friendly forum for students to discuss their work and receive constructive feedback so as to advance each student's research.
  • To provide relevant information on issues important to doctoral candidates.
  • To nurture a community of researchers in computing education.

The Consortium is designed for students currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program. The Consortium allows participants to interact with established university researchers in computing education (the discussants) and with other PhD students, and to reflect -- through short activities, information sessions, and discussions -- on the process and lessons of research and life in academia. Each participant will give a short, critiqued, research presentation.

Doctoral Consortium participants must register for the SIGCSE Technical Symposium. There is no additional charge for the consortium itself. Any student participating in the Doctoral Consortium is welcome to serve as a Student Volunteer for the SIGCSE conference itself, which provides both a registration waiver and a community of other students to interact with in exchange for a few hours of service at the conference. If you do so, make sure to indicate that you cannot work your volunteer hours on the DC day, March 12. Each participant will pay for their own food at the doctoral consortium dinner the night of the DC, but these expenses will be reimbursed as part of the travel stipend awarded to each participant.

Consortium Coordinators:

  • Josh Tenenberg, University of Washington, Tacoma, USA.
  • Donald Joyce, School of Computing and Information Technology, NZ.

Important Information

Previous Doctoral Consortia

Important Dates

Submission Deadline:

November 7, 2007

Acceptance Notification:

November 15, 2006

Research Reviews due to other participants:

January 31, 2007

Updated Research Summary Due:

February 16-23, 2007

Doctoral Consortium:

March 12, 2007         
8:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
(includes dinner)

Materials from Previous Consortia


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