The National Museum of Mongolian History :: Manchu/Qing period

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Typical Mongol armor and weapons from ca. 17th century
Mongol arms and armor probably from ca. 17th c..
Note though that the cuirass lying in center was sold to the Mongolian National Museum as armor from the time of Qubilai Khan.
A ceremonial Manchu suit of armor
Mongol soldiers’ weapons and other accoutrements.
Monument at Tonoo mtn., Dashbalbar sum, Khentii prov.. 1696.
Erected by Kangshi Emperor (Manchu ruler of China) to celebrate defeat of Mongol prince Galdan.
Pub.: National Museum, p. 27.
Flag of Chingunjav, the Hotgoid ruler, 1755-7.
Manchu implements of punishment and torture, including closeup of a cangue or yoke.
Manchu/Qing coins
Mannequins of the 8th Jebzumdamba Khutugtu or Bogdo Khan (1870-1924), the theocratic ruler of Mongolia, and his wife Dondogdulam (1870-1923).
Cf. Dschingis Khan, nos. 441, 442, pp. 397-398.