The National Museum of Mongolian History, Ulaanbaatar

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Pre-history The Xiongnu period The early Türk Empire and the Uighurs The Qidan/Liao period The Mongol Empire of Chingis Khan and his successors The period of Manchu/Qing rule Cultural/ethnographic material

The National Museum of Mongolian History so far has only a minimal presence on the Internet, where one can find some general information about the scope of the collections and photographs of a few objects. The collections in fact are very interesting, covering from pre-history through the 20th century and including a substantial selection of ethnographic materials illustrating daily life and costume. Unfortunately captioning is often cryptic, for example not indicating clearly what objects are reproductions and what are the originals. The museum collaborated with the University of Pennsylvania on an exhibition in 2001-2002, “Mongolia: Reclaiming Genghis Khan,” which included creation of a valuable set of web pages introducing Mongolia to a general audience. In 2005 a number of the important objects were on display in a major exhibition in Germany.