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Welcome to the SimSET home page. SimSET is an ancronym for "Simulation System for Emission Tomography".

The SimSET package uses Monte Carlo techniques to model the physical processes and instrumentation used in emission imaging. First released in 1993, SimSET has become a primary resource for many nuclear medicine imaging research groups around the world. The University of Washington Imaging Research Laboratory is continuing to develop SimSET, adding new functionality and utilities. The direction of development is driven partly by our own requirements and partly by those of our users.

SimSET is freely available. These pages will tell you how to download and install the package, as well as how to use it. We ask that all new users register, so that we can keep everyone up to date with the latest software and any new developments. We also keep a database of resources for SimSET, including digital phantoms and set-up files, to which users are invited to contribute.

EXPERIENCED USERS! -> For information regarding the latest and greatest changes to SimSET, check out the News page, which was last updated on 29 January 2014. This page will keep you up to date regarding enhancements, version upgrades, and bugs.

This work supported by PHS Grants #CA042593, "Tumor Detection and Quantitation with Emission Tomography," and #CA126593, "University of Washington Emission Tomography Simulation Resource."


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