SIMUW provides a carefully selected group of motivated high school students with ample opportunities to acquire a full appreciation of the nature of mathematics: its wide-ranging content, the intrinsic beauty of its ideas, the nature of mathematical argument and rigorous proof, the surprising power of mathematics within the sciences and beyond. Getting a profound understanding of the depth and beauty of mathematics can be a transforming experience for a student whatever interests the student may intend to pursue in the future, and this is the experience the Institute is designed to provide. The mathematical topics and ideas studied are accessible, yet sophisticated and challenging, allowing every student to participate fully in mathematical inquiry and to be immersed in the world of mathematics.


The program includes intensive two-week courses taught by university professors on topics that change from year to year. In the past, students have studied methods of argument, combinatorics, hyperbolic geometry, game theory, group theory, coding theory, and much more. In addition, there are twelve guest lectures on a wide variety of subjects and in many different formats, allowing students to glimpse even more mathematical areas as well as participate in hands-on mathematical activities. When not in class, students work on problems in groups or individually, have mathematical discussions with the Teaching Assistant Counselors, and participate in social events, sports, and weekly Saturday outings. They develop many new interests and close friendships, the end of the program coming way too soon.


The SIMUW program runs
from , .

Because of continuing uncertainties arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, SIMUW 2021 will be run as an online program, beginning with an orientation session on Sunday, July 11, to which all participating families are invited. Participants and staff will then meet every weekday and on the intermediate Saturday mornings, from July 12 to August 6, concluding on Friday, August 6, with a closing ceremony to which families will once again be invited. Participants are expected to make participation in SIMUW a full-time commitment during these four weeks.


Much of the cost of operating SIMUW over the years has been funded by the donations of an anonymous donor couple. Through their generosity and the generosity of other donors, we are able to reduce the fee for SIMUW to per participant, well below the actual cost.


To be eligible for admission to SIMUW, you must
  • be a resident of Washington, British Columbia, Oregon, Idaho, or Alaska
  • turn 14 years old by ,
  • complete 9th grade by June
  • complete three years of high school mathematics—including algebra, geometry, and trigonometry—by June
  • not be a high school graduate on arrival at SIMUW