Welcome to the SPIA Lab at the University of Washington!

Professor Clara L. Wilkins directs the Social Perception and Intergroup Attitudes Lab. Our research focuses on prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination. Our recent work primarily focuses on examining the causes of dominant groups’ perceptions of victimization and the consequences of those perceptions for intergroup relations. Our research aims to understand social inequity to minimize its negative effects on individuals, groups, and society.

Some of the questions our research addresses:

  • What causes individuals who have traditionally been seen as perpetrators of bias (e.g. White people, men, Christians) to perceive their groups as victims of discrimination? What are the consequences of perceiving victimization for marginalized groups (e.g. LGBTQ+)?
  • How do people perceive dominant groups’ discrimination claims?
  • How do dominant groups react to social change (e.g., perceived privilege loss or demographic fluctuation)? What are the implications of these changes for immigration attitudes?
  • How do race and religion interact to affect intergroup attitudes?
  • Does expressing bias make some individuals feel more connected to their social group?

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SPIA will be considering graduate students for Fall 2023. More information available under “join the lab” tab.