NEWS: STSS Graduate Certificate approval process

We’re delighted to report that the proposal for a new Graduate Certificate in Science, Technology and Society Studies was approved by the Graduate School Council in March 2014. It should go before the Board of Regents in May 2014. Look for news of the outcome by the end of the Spring quarter.

This proposal was developed by the STSS Interdisciplinary Committee, a body that was recognized by the Graduate School in March 2012. To see what’s in prospect, here is a précis of the proposal:

For updates on the STSS Certificate check this page, join the SSNet e-list, or contact the STSS Committee co-chairs:

SSNet Curriculum Projects

One of the primary goals of the Science Studies Network has been to coordinate and build on the rich but dispersed offerings in STSS currently available to graduate and undergraduate students at the University of Washington. Here is an overview of resources for students interested in STSS on the UW Bothell, Seattle, and Tacoma campuses.

Undergraduate programs: There are three established undergraduate programs that provide training in science, technology and society studies, either as their primary mission or as a core element of their curriculum:

Graduate courses and faculty mentors: STSS resources for graduate students are to be found in a great many disciplinary programs; the new STSS Graduate Certificate builds on these existing strengths.

STSS course listings: SSNet maintains an online quarter-by-quarter listing of current STSS course offerings across the three campuses, for graduate and undergraduate students.

  • For current offerings, see Courses;
  • For regular notices of new course and program offerings, join the SSNet e-list; and
  • If you teach courses in any area of STSS interest, please be sure to send course details to

For information about curriculum development in previous years, click here.