Science Studies Network Podcasts

The Science Studies Network regularly records podcasts of its colloquia, visiting speakers, and related events:

  • 2.15.13 - BioFutures colloq.
Flu Forum II: The H5N1 Research Moratorium Suspended

Roger Brent (Basic Sciences, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center)

  • 2.11.13 - BioFutures colloq.
Are we researching our way into a deadly pandemic? Rob Wallace (Institute for Global Studies, University of Minnesota) MP3
Slides - pdf file
  • 2.8.13 - BioFutures colloq.
Flu Forum: The Ethics and Politics of Influenza Research in a Global Context

Rob Wallace (Institute for Global Studies, University of Minnesota);
Jesse Bloom (Basic Sciences, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center)

MP3 (Wallace only)
Slides -
Wallace pdf file

Bloom pdf file
  • 5.21.12 - BioFutures colloq.
Neural Engineering: the intellectual and physical interface between technology and life

Tom Daniel (Biology, UW and Interim Director, Center for Sensorimotor Neural Engineering)

  • 5.7.12 - BioFutures colloq.

The Ethics of Scientific Writing: How to Write and How Not to Write a Paper

Gary Christian (Chemistry, UW) Streaming Video
Slides - pdf file
  • 4.23.12 - BioFutures colloq.
Intellectual Property and Molecular Biology: Biomedicine, Commerce, and the CCR5 Gene Patent Myles Jackson (History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, NYU)

Slides - pdf file
  • 4.9.12 - Philosophy Spring colloq.
A Case for Pluralism in Science Hasok Chang (History and Philosophy of Science, Cambridge)

  • 2.27.12 - BioFutures colloq.
A Genealogical Pragmatist Approach to Problems of Biopolitics and Infopolitics Colin Koopman (Department of Philosophy, University of Oregon)

  • 2.13.12 - BioFutures colloq.
Anticipatory Governance of Emerging Technologies David Guston (School of Politics and Global Studies and Co-Director of the Consortium for Science, Policy, and Outcomes, Arizona State University)


Slides - pdf file


  • 1.23.12 - BioFutures colloq.
On Internalization: Ethics Maxims for the Biological Sciences Gaymon Bennett and Meg Stalcup (Center for Biological Futures, Hutchinson Center)

  • 11.30.11 - BioFutures colloq.

Biological Futures/FOSEP: Biological Threats and Biological Futures

Alison Wylie (Philosophy and Anthropology, UW); Roger Brent(Center for Biological Futures, Hutchinson Center)

Slides - pdf file
  • 11.7.11 - BioFutures colloq.
Emerging Issues in Biological Futures II: Global Health Celia Lowe (Anthropology), Luke Bergmann (Geography), Meg Stalcup (Hutchinson Center); moderated by Matthew Sparke (International Studies)

  • 10.10.11 - BioFutures colloq.

Emerging Issues in Biological Futures I

Matthew Sparke (Geography), Leah Ceccarelli (Communication), and Gaymon Bennett (Hutchinson Center); moderated by Alison Wylie (Philosophy)

  • 6.1.09 - SSNet Mtg.
Biotech Hobbyism: Tinkering, Treacherous, or Transformative? Malia Fullerton (Bioethics and Humanities) MP3
  • 5.18.09 - SSNet Mtg.
Participatory, Transdisciplinary,and Indigenous Methodologies in Health and Environmental Research Sara Breslow (Anthropology ) MP3
  • 5.13.09 - SSNet Visiting Speaker (Spring)
Technological Subjects Kavita Philip (Women's Studies, UC-Irvine) Talk - MP3
Slides - pdf file
  • 5.4.09 - SSNet Mtg.
Intelligent Design - Policy & Politics Julie Homchick (Communication) MP3
  • 4.27.09 - SSNet Mtg.
Digital Projects in STS Phillip Thurtle (CHID & HIstory) & Clifford Tatum (SSNet Digital Media Fellow) MP3
  • 4.23.09 - Writing Technology Panel
Writing Technology/ Technologies of Writing: Uncommon Histories

Paul Collins , Eric Davis, and Joe Milutis (UW Bothell)

E-Flyer -pdf file

Collins - MP3
Davis w/ Milutis Intro - MP3
Milutis - MP3
Q&A - MP3

  • 4.20.09 - SSNet Mtg.
Interest-group Liberalism, Stakeholder Politics and the Paradoxes of Democratization of Science Mott Greene (UPS & Earth and Space Sciences) MP3
  • 4.6.09 - SSNet Mtg.
Digital Media Town Hall & Planning Meeting Kathleen Woodward (Simpson Center), Bruce Burgett & Deborah Kelley (Keywords for American Cultural Studies) MP3
  • 3.9.09 - SSNet Mtg.
"Can You Fix My Computer?" Or, Science, Technology and the Participatory Question Jentery Sayers (English) MP3
  • 2.23.09 - SSNet Mtg.
Democratizing Science and Social Justice Angela Ginorio (Women Studies) MP3
  • 2.10.09 - SSNet Visiting Speaker (Winter)
Disrupting Science Kelly Moore (Sociology, University of Cincinnati) MP3
  • 2.9.09 - SSNet Mtg.
The Politics of Nutrition Kelly Moore (Sociology, University of Cincinnati) MP3
  • 12.1.08 - SSNet Mtg.
Food Politics Simon Werrett
  • 11.17.08 - SSNet Mtg.
Eugenics in Democratic Contexts Joanne Woiak
(Disability Studies/History)
  • 11.3.08 - SSNet Mtg.
Science-based Policy: Hidden Challenges Monica Aufrecht
  • 10.20.08 - SSNet Mtg.
Manufactured Controversy Leah Ceccarelli
  • 6.2.08 - SSNet Mtg.
How do we study science and scholarship? Paul Wouters
(Virtual Knowledge Studio, Amsterdam)
  • 4.21.08 - SSNet Mtg.
Science & Art

Simon Werrett (History) and Stephanie Andrews (DX Arts)

  • 4.7.08 - SSNet Mtg.
SSNet Curriculum Initiative SSNet Organizers MP3
  • 3.10.08 - SSNet Mtg.
Discussion with Nancy Cartwright Nancy Cartwright (Philosophy, London School of Economics) MP3
  • 3.8.08 - 10th Annual Philosophy of Social Science Roundtable
Keynote Lecture: Hunting Causes and Using Them Nancy Cartwright (Philosophy, London School of Economics) MP3
  • 3.7.08 - 10th Annual Philosophy of Social Science Roundtable
Keynote Lecture: White Ignorance Charles Mills (Philosophy, Northwestern) MP3
  • 3.6.08 - Walker Ames Lecture
Evidence-Based Policy: So, What's Evidence? Nancy Cartwright (Philosophy, London School of Economics)

Intro - MP3
Lecture - MP3

  • 2.25.08 - SSNet Mtg.
Collaborative Practice / Interdisciplinary Practice

SSNet Panel

  • 2.11.08 - SSNet Mtg.
Media, Technology, & Science SSNet Panel MP3
  • 1.28.08 - SSNet Mtg.
Democratizing Science SSNet Panel MP3
  • 1.14.08 - SSNet Mtg.
Scientists' Perspectives on STS SSNet Panel MP3
  • 12.3.07 - SSNet Mtg.
Aims & Future Plans for the Network SSNet Organizers MP3
  • 11.19.07 - SSNet Mtg.
Panel on Research Ethics, Policy, & Equity Issues in Science SSNet Panel MP3
  • 10.29.07 - SSNet Mtg.
Panel on Cultural Studies of Science SSNet Panel MP3
  • 10.15.07 - SSNet Mtg.
Current directions in HPS research SSNet Panel MP3