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Using Sex to Sell: Topics to Explore Category
Sex and Celebrity

Lessons and activities encourage youth to examine some of the ways in which celebrities convey messages about sexuality to their adoring public.


Who Owns the Celebrity Image?
Participants research and write about celebrities contesting the manipulation of their image.

Rise of the Metrosexual
After discussing the origin and definition of the term “metrosexual,” participants consider the labeling of celebrity soccer star David Beckham, and analyze metrosexuality as both a marketing ploy and a sexual/gender identification.

Celebrity Time Capsule
To better understand how celebrities often reflect society’s values, participants select celebrities they admire for a time capsule that will represent contemporary culture to future generations.

The Uses of Celebrity Gossip
After reading an article about the prevalence of celebrity gossip in contemporary culture, participants question the use value of such gossip, and how it may serve as way for people to connect with one another.

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Relationships in the Media
After brainstorming a list of favorite couples from the media, participants are asked to explore the dynamics of fictional relationships, including issues of trust and intimacy, as well as sexuality. Youth also create and administer a questionnaire to their peers in order to explore different kinds of relationships teens find admirable.

Celebrity Role Models for Abstinence
Participants research celebrities who are vocal about their choice of abstinence, and consider the media image they are projecting.


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