Institute of Technology
Hiring and Evaluation of Part-time Instructors

Approved December 2, 2011

This document reflects a philosophy that the Institute should structure its hiring process to ensure that only the most highly qualified faculty teach within the Institute. Once hired, faculty should find an environment that enables them to develop as teachers.


Applicants to part-time instructor positions should provide the following material as part of the application packet:

Applicant interviews will consist of:


The ultimate aim of any faculty evaluation process is to improve student learning. This leads to the following two concrete goals: 1) to help the faculty member develop as a teacher, and 2) to provide evaluative information for reappointment decisions. This section outlines a faculty evaluation process for part-time instructors hired in UWT's Institute of Technology on a part-time, per-term basis so as to meet these goals.

Part-time faculty will be evaluated in the same way as full-time faculty (see, except

  1. they will be evaluated quarterly during their first three quarters of teaching in the Institute (even if they are not consecutive) and annually thereafter,
  2. instead of an annual report, the part-time faculty member will provide to the evaluation committee the syllabus that they hand out to students and all assignments and exams that they have administered.

The collegial evaluations of teaching along with end-of-term student course evaluations, will be reviewed by voting faculty and the Director at the time of reappointment of the part-time instructor.


A mentor is assigned during the first 3 quarters in which a part-time instructor is hired. The 3 quarters need not be consecutive. The mentor (which need not but can be the same from quarter to quarter) will be appointed by the Director, with advice as to choice of mentor from the voting faculty when the faculty votes to hire the part-time instructor faculty member. Mentors will generally be chosen based on a match of subject matter knowledge with the part-time instructor.

The mentor's role is to help the part-time instructor integrate into the program and the local academic culture. The mentor's responsibilitiies are 1) to meet with the part-time instructor prior to the start of the term to discuss the syllabus and request changes to it as appropriate, and answer any questions the part-time instructor might have, and 2) to be available for consultation by the part-time instructor during the term. At the pre-quarter meeting during the second and third terms in which the part-time instructor is hired, the part-time instructor and mentor should also include a retrospective discussion on the previous quarter's teaching and, if the same course is being taught, changes that the part-time instructor will make to the course to incorporate lessons learned. All discussions between the mentor and part-time instructor are confidential, and are not to be used for evaluation purposes.

Part-Time Instructor Cooperation

In order to increase an part-time instructor's cooperation in this process, the following should be conditions of employment, and included in the appointment letter:

  1. the part-time instructor will meet with their assigned mentor prior to the start of the term in which they are teaching, or as close to the start of the term as both are able;
  2. the part-time instructor will provide materials to the Institute as indicated above.