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Who We Are



Teen Futures Media Network is based in the College of Education at the University of Washington. Using media literacy as a prevention strategy, Teen Futures Media Network challenges youth across Washington State to think differently about health issues that affects them. Our projects accommodate a wide variety of learning styles, teach critical thinking, and promote reflection on the targeted health issue. Workshop outcomes include exciting new products generated from fresh ideas.

Since 1997, Teen Futures has organized conferences for educators, health professionals, and other adults with strategies for teaching youth to become critical media consumers and savvy media producers. Images of Youth (May, 1997), an interagency collaboration (DOH OSPI, DASA, and the Family Policy Council), was one of the first conferences of its kind in the nation to focus on a broad range of teen health issues from a media literacy/advocacy perspective.


Children as young as age three recognize brand logos, with brand loyalty influence starting at age two