Course Description

This course will focus on critical thinking, college-level reading and learning in higher education, and will research affective behavior, learning styles, leadership, and self-directed/disciplined/monitored/corrective learning. 

Your credit and grade will be based upon an eportfolio containing a photoessay, response papers/journals to readings and discussions, notes, and a final reflective paper. You will also be required to participate during classtime discussions, during online activities, and in WebQ surveys during the quarter.

This course and your final eportfolio is designed to:

  • improve the understanding of the college student's responsiblity in the teaching/learning process.
  • increase student's college-level critical thinking, reading, and writing skills.
  • promote a positive adjustment into the university environment.
  • help students develop a set of adaptive study, coping, and survival skills while attending the university.
  • increase awareness of personal learning styles and how to work with other types of learning styles.
  • begin a strong academic resume.
  • develop student leaders in academics, as well as on campus and within the community.

UB Bridge Students: Jessica Gobuyo, Rayman Hui, Ricky Kwong, Loma Liu, Julie Lu