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Pneumonia (infection of the lungs) is the most common infection that very sick patients in intensive care units get, and is more common when patients are on breathing machines (ventilators). Pneumonia can lead to more time on a breathing machine and in the intensive care unit, and may lead to death. Doctors at Harborview Medical Center are trying to find out if special breathing tubes that reduce leaking of fluids from the mouth and throat into the lungs may reduce the risk of getting pneumonia. The goal is to improve patient health after severe illness.

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Extubation Safety Quality Improvement Project - The purpose of this quality improvement project is to determine if the use of a standardized airway management checklist and algorithm at the time of extubation in the ICU reduces the occurrence of serious complications, improves patient outcomes and reduces the incremental cost incurred in the event of failed extubation.

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RECycling in the Operating Room is an initiative conducted at Harborview Medical Center’s Operating Room. Our goal is to support our hospital in becoming a leader in sustainability in our community and across the United States. Our Green Team is committed to protecting the environment, the health of our community, and decreasing our hospital costs.

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The goal of this program is to improve the management of Pain, Sedation and Delirium in the ICU in the State of Washington, by improving adherence to evidence-based PAD Guidelines.

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