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Findings from the 2000 Senior Survey


• Tacoma high school seniors were slightly less likely to report that they attend college than the national average, but actual enrollment rates are exactly the same.
• More students plan to attend college than those who actually do.


• Almost all Tacoma Public School senior students expected to marry and mostly before age 25.
• Similarly, most students expected to become a parent at some time — but mostly after age 25.


• The majority of the Tacoma Class of 2000 was very busy - working, participating in school activities and doing homework.
• Females were somewhat more active than males.


• Overall, the Tacoma Class of 2000 had a positive perception of their high school.
• The majority of Tacoma seniors thought that the teaching at their high school was good, and that teachers were interested in student learning.


• The Class of 2000 was ambitious – most aspired to career paths that require a college degree.


• Men and women are very ambitious, but there are some interesting gender differences.
• Males were more likely to aspire to become engineers or police officers.
• Females were more likely to aspire to be nurses or grade school teachers.


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