Mission, Vision and Values


The BRTC develops and evaluates new treatments for difficult-to-treat individuals with severe and complex disorders of pervasive emotion dysregulation. The BRTC is particularly committed to developing effective treatments for those patients excluded from behavioral treatment trials due to high risk for suicide, complexity of multiple co-occurring disorders, and/or history of failure in previous clinical interventions.

The BRTC provides training at all levels to support both new and senior scientists to conduct research aimed at developing and evaluating treatments for these difficult-to-treat individuals. The BRTC is committed to working with undergraduate students to develop research interests and knowledge about working with difficult-to-treat patients, with graduate students and post-doctoral fellows to develop the clinical and research skills necessary for this work, and with senior scientists to provide support and encouragement in continuing to work with high risk populations.


Our vision is to have compassionate and scientifically valid treatments for complex, severe and difficult-to-treat mental disorders developed, evaluated, and made available for dissemination. Unfortunately, competing psychological and biological theories, dogmas, and agendas have resulted in polarization of views on the essential characteristics, causes, and treatment of emotional and behavioral disorders, which has impeded, rather than advanced, our understanding of these disorders. However, scientific progress and innovation is best facilitated by an environment that encourages inter-disciplinary exchange and breaks down barriers between differing approaches to the study of a problem at hand.


  • Rigorous and critical thinking
  • Passion for truth
  • Devotion to data wherever it leads
  • Mindfulness in the work environment
  • Willingness to share knowledge with practitioners and with the next generation of clinical researchers
  • Compassion for the individuals we are trying to help