Calls for Papers

Calls for Papers Deadline
CfP Theatre Journal Special Issues
February 28, 2018
Entertainment Studies: CALL FOR PAPERS
January 12, 2018
2019 issue of Theatre History Studies
January 01, 2018
American Literature in Context
December 31, 2017
American Literature in the World Graduate Conference 2018 at Yale University
December 15, 2017
ATDS panels at ALA
December 15, 2017
Call For Contributors: The Open Theatre: An Introduction to Theatre Open Educational Resource
January 01, 2018
Call for participants: CATR 2018 roundtable on theatre and performance vs the crisis in the humanities
December 15, 2017
Call for Public Lectures: The Arts and Sciences in the Age of Post-Truth Politics
May 31, 2017
Call for submissions, ATDS special issue of JADT Spring 2018
December 17, 2017
Call for Submissions: ReView, Performance Philosophy
October 09, 2018
CFP for Artistic Expressions and the Great War
January 15, 2018
CFP for COMPARATIVE DRAMA Special Issue on "Drama, Theatre, and the History of Ideas
January 01, 2018
CFP for COMPARATIVE DRAMA Special Issue on "Drama, Theatre, and the History of Ideas
January 01, 2018
CFP Theatre History Studies and Special Section Site-Based Theatre
January 01, 2018
CFP, ATDS at the Comparative Drama Conference 2018
November 15, 2017
CFP: City, Space, and Spectacle in Nineteenth-Century Performance (due 31 Jan 2018)
January 31, 2018
CFP: Performance Matters Special Issue on 21st-century Spectatorship
January 31, 2018
CFP: Special Issue of Performance Matters on 21st-century shifts in Spectatorship and Audience Research
January 31, 2018
CFP: The Actress-Manager and Early Film, NCTF
January 29, 2018
CFPs: MATC's Pitching Your Book and Articles-in-Progress sessions
November 25, 2017
Critical Stages/Scènes Critiques Newsletter - Call for papers
December 01, 2017
Ecumenica - Special Issue on Theatre and Performance in Muslim Worlds - CFP
January 30, 2018
Graduate Student Opportunities at the Simpson Center: Interdisciplinary Inquiry, Intellectual Community, Professional Development
In Motion: Performance and Unsettling Borders
December 01, 2017
Invitation from TDR to Report from the Fields of Resistance
Journal of American Drama and Theatre
Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism
Lanford Wilson Conference - Call for Proposals
November 15, 2017
MIGRATION/REPRESENTATION/ STEREOTYPES - conference information and registration details
April 28, 2017
New OI teaching fellowship
December 01, 2017
August 18, 2018
August 01, 2018
Popular Entertainment Studies
June 01, 2018
Tenure Track Position in the teaching of acting and directing
December 01, 2017
Theatre Annual CFP (for 2018)
December 15, 2017
Theatre History Studies
January 01, 2018
Theatre Symposium 27
January 05, 2018
[EARAM-L] tenure-track job / University of Georgia
July 01, 2018