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  • Congratulations Professor Nikki Yeboah!
    Nikki won ATHE’s 2022 very prestigious and competitive Outstanding Article Award for her Theatre Journal article “All the Nation’s a Stage: The Ghana National Theatre as Sankofa Praxis.” More here. AND Nikki is featured in a recent Seattle Times article about playwrights! Congratulations Nikki!!
  • Book Interview – London in a Box
    The true cultural tipping point in the run-up to the American Revolution, writes University of Washington drama professor Odai Johnson in his new book, might not have been the Boston Tea Party, the British naval blockade or even the First Continental Congress. Rather, Johnson suggests in “London in a Box: Englishness and Theatre in Revolutionary America,” it was…
  • News Article
    Dr. Stefka Mihaylova was interviewed for an article in the Seattle Times about this generation of Theater Artists and how COVID-19 has affected them. Theater has a history of adapting to major crises by reinventing itself, notes Stefka Mihaylova, assistant professor of theater history and performance theory at UW School of Drama. Theater reinvented itself…
  • Book Interview – Performing Flight: From the Barnstormers to Space Tourism
    University of Washington drama professor Scott Magelssen explores American aviation from the perspective of performance studies in his new book “Performing Flight: From the Barnstormers to Space Tourism,” published this summer by University of Michigan Press. “I began to realize the important role of performance in legitimizing to American legislators and taxpayers the enormous expenditures involved in…
  • Thoughts on Zoom Performances
    Performance happens all the time so why not on Zoom or other Video conference software.


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