History 598

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Methods of Historical Research
Laurie Sears

Methods of Historical Research: The course this quarter will investigate questions of psychoanalysis, trauma, and colonialism through the work of Ranjana Khanna, S. Freud, Nicolas Abraham and Maria Torok, F. Fanon, Jean Laplanche, Ayu Utami, J. Lacan, J. Derrida, G. Agamben, and Maria Dermout. We will look at questions of history and memory, trauma and archives, and memory and subjectivity. Examples will be drawn from experiences of colonialism in North Africa and postcolonial Indonesia. The course looks at the body as one site of archives for pain and trauma. Writing includes four 2-3 page papers and one 10 page paper that will be a research proposal for a future project using one of the theories/methodologies introduced in the class. Short papers allow for a lot of creativity and can be written as short scenes from plays. History grad students period I.