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Welcome to Your WWAMI Region Pediatric Clerkship!

On this website, you will find information about what to do now that you have been notified of your rotation, how to be credentialed on time and how to be prepared for your rotation prior to your arrival. There are links, directions and deadlines that are very important to your success at your site and on your rotation. Please read each step carefully and follow each direction in detail. Ask questions if you have doubts, we want this to be a fun, learning opportunity.

READ to the bottom of the page, BEFORE clicking on any links.

Credentialing and Site Requirement Information


IMPORTANT:  It is your responsibility to complete each action, step or process for your credentialing at your training sites. Failure to do so, could result in requiring you to drop the rotation!

Read everything carefully, respond timely and follow-up on all deadlines to ensure you are meeting them and ask questions if you are unsure!


  • Required Action – BIOGRAPHY (click here)    Complete a questionnaire that will be used and may be displayed at your teaching site.  Your E-Value photo will be linked to the final document (ensure your photo is in the E-Value system).
  • Possible Action Required – Letter of Good Standing   If your site requires a Letter of Good Standing, (located in your E-Value portfolio), it is your responsibility to give it to your site as addressed on the letter and/or per the instructions on your sites credentialing requirements page (look in both locations).

Rotation Information and Links

Prior to your orientation Day

Using the Pediatric Clerkship Clinical Phase web page – review the following before arriving at your clerkship site.

Pediatric Clerkship Orientation video – Watch this prior to your first day and bring questions to your orientation.

Online PDF Clerkship Manual – Review the manual PRIOR to orientation. Come prepared with questions to the orientation—we expect them!

Aquifer Pediatrics Cases (Computer-Based Curriculum) – Prior to starting your clerkship you need to obtain a login and password. Click the link and follow the instructions: 1.) Click on “Need to Register?” button. 2.) Enter your UW email (required) and click enter. Login instructions will then be sent to your UW email address. Once you get the login and password, you will be able to modify the password to something you can remember.

Pediatric Tracker – Website tracker for assignment completion, document upload and form links. UW Net Id is required to access the site.

Survival Guide – (downloadable PDF) a valuable resource guide for referencing. The Seattle Children’s Graduate Medical Education Survival Guide resource can be downloaded to your smart phone or other device, though it can be viewed at the above link without downloading. The file is embedded with bookmarks to each section and clickable links to each topic in the table of contents. It works well in phone apps such as Adobe Reader and iBooks, (instructions for the latter if needed.)

Topic of the Week (TOW) – A link to the University of Washington Pediatric Residency website – a weekly teaching topic for continuity clinics. Student have found this to be helpful for reference and learning.

Pediatric Clerkship Exam

Pediatric Exams are held on the last Thursday of the required clerkship. 

  • Exam is administered and proctored at the clerkship site.
  • Students are scheduled by each site for your exam.  (you may be instructed to go to a track or regional office, depending on your site is and thier exam protocol). 
  • If you have any questions about where and when you exam takes place, contact your site director or student coordinator for your site. 


The Department of Pediatrics and the School of Medicine Clerkship Policies:

UWSOM WEB blog for Medical student Academic Policy Manual and M.D. Program Handbook and a link to specific policies below and more can be found at:  https://sites.uw.edu/medevalu/clerkship-policies/

  • Clerkship Absentee Policy
  • Clerkship Add/Drop Policy
  • Clerkship Communication Policy and Guidelines
  • Clerkship Examination Policies and Guidelines
  • Clerkship Grading and Evaluation Policies
  • EHR Policy
  • Professional Behavior & Conduct
  • Work Hours Policy

Please review all policies so you understand your roles and responsibilities.

HIPAA Reminder

Medical students are not allowed to take any medical records or anything with patient information out of the hospital.  This includes but is not limited to patient medical records, H&Ps with identifying information, patient sign-outs, or records from other hospitals.  If you have been given access to the EMR, remember that you are legally only allowed to access the patient information for patients in your direct care.  If you have any doubts or questions, please contact your site adminstrator, site director, attending or call the WWAMI Pediatric Program office at 206-987-2063.

Additional Reading Materials

Recommendations for additional reading are listed below but are not mandatory for the pediatric clerkship:

"Blueprints in Pediatrics" USMLE by Marino/Snead/McMillan 5th or 6th edition.
Pediatric Clerkship Guide by J. Woodhead/Mosby
Saint-Frances Guide to Pediatrics by Migita/Christakis
Essentials of Pediatrics by Behrman & Kliegman
Oski's Essential Pediatrics by Johnson & Oski
Pediatrics by Brown & Miller

Thank you and if you have any questions, feel free to contact the Pediatric Medical Student Office, Pediatric WWAMI Coordinator at 206-987-2063 or by e-mail at medical.students@seattlechildrens.org.


Learning Environment Feedback Tool

Reporting Mistreatment or a Serious Concern:

Students who wish to report mistreatment or a serious concern that doesn’t require immediate response are encouraged to use the Learning Environment Feedback Tool by clicking on the button below. In the tool, you will be able to provide a description of your concern and indicate your follow-up preference and how you would like your feedback shared. You will have the option of reporting completely anonymously and indicating how you want your identity and the identity of anyone else involved in the situation to be shared.


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