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A native of Spokane, WA, Jared Tanner directs the Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, and Jazz Band, as well as teaches several levels of guitar classes at Liberty High School in Renton, Washington. He holds a Post-Baccalaureate in Music Education from the University of Washington, a Master of Music in Trumpet Performance from Boston University, and a Bachelor of Music in Trumpet Performance from the University of Puget Sound. Jared studied trumpet with Terry Everson, Judson Scott, William Berry, David Gordon, and Dan Keberle. He has performed with the Tanglewood Music Center Orchestra, ALEA III, Clarion Brass, Seattle Modern Orchestra, Seattle Metropolitan Orchestra, and was a semifinalist in the 2009 National Trumpet Competition Solo Division. During the 2012-2013 concert season, Jared served as Assistant Conductor for Brass Band Northwest.

Along with being a classically trained trumpeter, Jared began his musical life as a fiddle player and soon took interest in the guitar. As a guitar player, Jared studied blues and jazz improvisation with guitarist Joe Brasch and pianist/percussionist Tom Kelly. He has performed in blues bands, rock bands, jazz ensembles, and is often seen at Seattle area bluegrass jam sessions.