Volume 29 (2012)


Proceedings of the 2012 Northwest Linguistics Conference
7-8 April 2012, Seattle, Washington

Editors: Sanghoun Song, Joshua Crowgey, and Chak Lam Yip

Author Title
Beata MoskalAn Elementary Approach to Labial Harmony in Turkic Languages
Claire CardenA Quantitative Examination of Sexual References in Popular Music 1960-2011
Debopam DasInvestigating the Role of Discourse Markers in Signalling Coherence Relations: a corpus study
Hyuna B. KimFake Indexicals or Indexical Shifting?: When a language does not agree
I-hao WooTelicity Marking in Mandarin Chinese
Jennifer A. J. HinnellCorpus Creation Using Blogs: investigating [be done X] in Canadian English
Jennifer HaywoodAcoustic Correlates of Intelligibility in Native and Non-Native Speakers
Kaori FuruyaOn Agreement of Full NPs and Pronouns
Maha Saliba FosterArgument Representation in Lebanese Child
Nadav SabarPredicates of Personal Taste, Attributive Expletives and the Expressive - Reportive Distinction
Neda TodorovicPerfect(ive) or Not? Aspectual Restrictions in Serbian and English
Sibo ChenThe Ba Construction Revisited: Is ba a light verb?
Tomoe NishioMetadiscursive Construction of Japanese Women's Language: Images and Ideologies
Xin ZhaoA Conjunctional Analysis of Chinese Multiple-Condition Comparatives
Xuan Zheng and Norah FahimNew Challenges in the Composition Classroom: A debate on international students' writings
Yin LiWEI...SUO Passives in Archaic/Middle Chinese