Organic Chemistry Web-Study Activities

This site is for chemistry practice interactive computer exercises and problems.                                                                                                          counterChecker

This is not a regular course materials site.  For that type of information (e.g. quarterly course syllabi, practice exams, answer keys, etc.)  for Chemistry courses at the University of Washington, go instead to: 

(Installation has also now begun at a different site - the UnitsSite website - of the collection Organic Chemistry Lecture Projection Graphics Concept Tutorials - animated presentations with audio, using 3D molecular and other models on topics where computer graphics may be helpful in depicting dynamic processes, complex 3D structure and relationships, and the microscopic/molecular view of matter.)

NOTES:  Not all buttons may work on these trial versions.  For example, to quit or exit a unit you may need to close the browser window, rather than click on a button.   Suggested monitor resolution:  800x600.  Some graphics use thouands of colors.  All exercises require Macromedia's Shockwave plug-in.  FIRST TIME USERS will be prompted to download the Shockwave plug-in , after which you need to locate the Shockwave Installer that will appear on your desktop and use it to actually install the plug-in.

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A.  Interactive Exercises

Problems on various chemistry topics, using several types of interactivity with computer graphics. (The initial set of execisess is intended to accompany the Organic Chemistry Lecture Projection Graphics Concept Tutorials of the same name.)

B.  Nomenclature Study Aids

Initial computer tutorials and review summaries on naming organic compounds.

C.  Reaction Mechanism Practice

Organic reaction mechanism computer tutorials, using "draw and compare" interactivity.  (Most of these units courtesy of Peter Slade, University College of the Fraser Valley.)

D.  Reagents/Reaction Patterns Drill

Interactive computer summary review drills for recalling reaction patterns (predicting products or starting materials) and recalling reagents for organic reactions.

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