Soft Goods Product Developer – Sewn Product Services

Put your creativity and patternmaking skills to use by becoming part of a dynamic and eclectic team of soft goods experts!

Sewn Product Services is seeking a Soft Goods Product Developer to provide research, innovation, patternmaking, and prototyping for an ongoing wearable technologies project. If it gets assembled with a sewing machine, our approach is the same — we address the specific needs of our customers’ target markets and excel in thinking outside of the box to develop their products.

You have what it takes if you have the following skills and experience:

  • General patternmaking skills
  • Working knowledge of digital patternmaking software program(s) – we have Optitex and PAD and willtrain
  • Intricate sewing techniques for a variety of fabrics and trims
  • Proficient in Adobe Illustrator and Microsoft Office products
  • Able to receive client inputs and translate into viable solutions – you can drive the process!

    What might set you apart are an interest in hard goods/industrial design and being ‘industrial design lite’ or ‘industrial design curious.’

    Our collaborative team values excellent attention to detail, the ability to communicate clearly, dedication to meeting project deadlines, and active contributions from team members. We look forward to finding out what you will bring to our culture!

    From our humble beginnings in a 200 sq. ft., sublet rental space in industrial Seattle to our current 3500 sq. ft. workshop in SODO, we have grown our business organically and the sky is the limit! Be a part of us as we grow!

    For additional information and to apply, please send resume to Kristine Carlton,