Native Works, Call for Work

The theme for the art call is: Our Indigenous Future.
We are looking for 2 dimensional pieces that can be eventually added to the Native Works Collection. 
Native Works  is a workforce development program and social enterprise. We exist to better Seattle’s homeless Native American community by providing guidance and mentorship in relearning employment skills. Native Works honors native tradition while fostering a healthier native future by crafting authentic Native American jewelry and art through its parent organization Chief Seattle Club. 
Workforce development is tricky when committed to helping some of the most vulnerable of our community. We’ve created Native Works to be a trauma and indigenous aware vocational rehabilitation, meaning our Apprentices benefit from a great deal of compassion and understanding for where they are coming from and experiences they’ve had. Each Apprentice receives support and mentorship through the program and is paid hourly for the beautiful work they do. Product development is on a rotation basis, so there are always new pieces to create and new learning opportunities. Witnessing the transformation our Apprentices experience through art is one of the best parts of this program.
For the upcoming Art Call three pieces will be selected as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place Award Winners:

1st place Award – $300.00 
2nd place Award – $250.00 
3rd place Award – $150.00

All Award recipients will also benefit from exposure in a featured artist spot on the Native Works website, as well as promotion on all Native Works social media outlets.

All winning pieces will be created into prints and made into a collection for the Native Works Apprentices to put together for our product line. 

The artwork will become the catalyst for income for The Native Works social enterprise.

Thank you so much for sharing, we appreciate the support. 
Alicia Diamond
Native Works Communications + Visual Storyteller