Call For Work – Bricolage Literary and Visual Arts Journal

Happy Winter Quarter, Huskies!

Want the opportunity to get your creative work published in UW’s annual literary journal? The deadline for submitting to Bricolage Literary and Visual Arts Journal is getting close—make sure you submit your work before Saturday, January 25!

This is an amazing opportunity to get your original prose, poetry, and visual arts published in an annual journal designed to showcase the creativity and talent of individuals affiliated with the University of Washington. We encourage people from all majors and backgrounds to submit their creative work for a chance to be published in Bricolage’s 2020 edition. For more information and to submit your work, please go to

Additionally, if you’d like to get even more involved in Bricolage, we are now accepting prose, poetry, and visual arts reviewers for Issue 38! This is a great opportunity to meet people who are interested in the arts, familiarize yourself with the publication process, and make your voice heard at Bricolage.

To sign up, please send an email to the editor of the section you are interested in reviewing for:



Visual Arts:

We ask that you only review for sections that you have not submitted work to—but we encourage you to review for the other sections!


The Bricolage Team