Longhouse COVID-19 Grant Opportunities

The Longhouse Accepting Applications for COVID-19 Indigenous Artist Relief

As we continue our mission to support Indigenous arts and cultures, the Longhouse announces two new opportunities. (Please note that you can only apply for one of these opportunities.)

Option 1:

We are offering a competitive round of mini-grants for artists who have received Native Creative Development Program grants in the past. We invite all past and present Native Creative grantees to apply for up to $1000 in support. We will place a special emphasis on artists who rely on their art as the primary source of income, and who may not have the opportunity to apply for support elsewhere. There are never enough resources to go around, so we hope that our streamlined application process and criteria will help address artists’ needs in a way that is quick and responsive. (Click for Application: Longhouse Covid-19 Response Grant.)

Option 2:

We are seeking to commission instructional videos in Indigenous cultural arts for distribution via the Longhouse’s YouTube channel. Artists/instructors will receive up to $1000, depending upon the complexity of the art form and length of the video. Applicants will submit a proposal and describe their level of experience with video creation. You do not need to be a previous Longhouse grantee to be eligible to apply for this opportunity. (Click for Application: Longhouse Video Tutorial Submission App 2020)

Proposals for both programs are due May 7th, review will occur on May 15th; artists will be notified shortly thereafter.

Please contact Laura VerMeulen at VerMeulL@evergreen.edu for more information.