NFFTY seeks Freelance Graphic Designer

NFFTY seeks freelance Festival Designer for NFFTY 2020.


The Festival Designer will play a key role in the organization’s success, ensuring the aesthetic feel of NFFTY 2020 design elements align with NFFTY’s brand. The Festival Designer will create elements for use in both print, digital (web/social media), and video (motion graphics).


2020 finds a number of film festivals suddenly thrust into programming online in response to reducing public gatherings, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These festivals have been dubbed “virtual”, which conjures visions of the early promises of mass internet in the mid-90s. “Cyberspace” and the “World Wide Web” promised a future of connectivity and digital innovation! In playing with this concept, we’re approaching the festival tongue-in-cheek with a wink to the moment. Design elements should look modern while retro, like the indie gaming trend of 8-bit style graphics, and also a nod to the resurgence of VR in film and gaming, especially as a recent fad in film festival programming.


Executive Director and Marketing & Engagement Coordinator


The Talented Youth (dba NFFTY) is a 501(c)3 media arts nonprofit based in Seattle, Washington. Its mission is to encourage young media artists by promoting their accomplishments through programs that celebrate their talent. We constantly seek ways to expand networking for young artists and opportunities to promote their work. Our flagship program is NFFTY, the world’s largest youth film festival, annually screening over 250 films by filmmakers 24 years old and younger to audiences of more than 10,000. Increasingly we are engaged with working with corporate sponsors to develop projects and original content in collaboration with NFFTY filmmakers to enhance brands and storytelling. NFFTY serves as an educational resource for young filmmakers, providing workshops, resources, and collaborative opportunities year-round. In 2017, NFFTY produced a landmark VR event – the first of its kind at a youth film festival – which was expanded to a full three day event in 2018.

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