ARC ARTIST FELLOWSHIP – Accepting Applications


The Arc Artist Fellowship provides $12,000 awards and modest promotional support through the 4Culture website.

We know that artists value unrestricted funding above all other types of support. It allows artists to apply funds when and where it’s most needed as they develop their practice. We envision artists using Arc Artist Fellowship funds to offset expenses related to things like rent or mortgage payments, childcare, health care, transportation, food, space rental, legal support, equipment, materials, workshop fees, residencies, and more.

Deadline to apply is December 2nd, 5pm PST. 


We award funds through a competitive process, carefully evaluating each application.

For this particular grant, a peer review panel will evaluate your application based on the following:

  • How well you convincingly express what continues to inspire your work as an artist.
  • How clearly you outline your plan to reach your creative goals in the next three years.
  • Your expertise, training and/or creative experiences that have helped you develop your art.
  • A past or in-process project or presentation of your work that you elect to highlight in detail.
  • How well your work samples support the above criteria.

This is a competitive grant program open to individual artists.
You must be a resident of King County.
You must meet the 2021 Arc Eligibility Requirement, as defined below.
You may not be current 4Culture staff, Board, or Advisory Committee Member.
You may not have previously received funding through a Community 4Culture award or the Arc Artist Fellowship.

Arc Eligibility Requirement
The Arc Artist Fellowship has an additional eligibility requirement that changes annually.

This year, eligible applicants are artists between the ages of 18 and 25 years old who create artwork that examines and challenges structures of power in the fight for social justice.

Art has the power to be a catalyst for systemic change. We seek to celebrate and support young artist activists who are creating courageous work that moves us and makes us move. Often under-resourced and under-recognized, these artists are revealing and presenting paths to equity.

2021 Fellows will assist in determining the Arc Eligibility Requirement of the next year’s Fellowship.

For more information and to apply click here.