Assistance Requested Art / Design Fundraising Campaign that Supports Solar on Campus

Hello everyone,

2100 Project is a new environmental communications and community organizing nonprofit that focuses on positive messaging and student engagement. We are launching out of the University of Washington, and we are reaching out to see if there are a few members of the UW Art & Design community who would be interested in helping us with a fundraising campaign for the UW Volt Fund = community solar on campus. So far we are working with UW Dance, UW Oceanography, and UW Engineering to help raise money for the UW Volt Fund in ways that reflect the passions of respective groups and communities. It would be great to add the UW Art and Design School to this list of early participants!

We have been to a few galleries organized by the UW Art and Design community, and we were surprised at how many art and design pieces were inspired by climate change. It would make for quite the story if these passion pieces were somehow translated into money that was then invested in solar on campus! You all would know how to monetize your work better than us, but maybe some students would be interested in helping organize a climate gallery / public auction with all proceeds going to the UW Volt Fund. Or maybe you can think of more effective ways to turn your art and design work into investment funds – the more creative, the better!

There is no exact timeline for this project, it would depend on individual interest and involvement from the larger UW Art and Design community. But if any fundraising does occur, maybe it coincides with Christmas? We would like to amplify any and all work related to this campaign through extensive media production, which we could manage. If you are interested in this idea and would like to learn more, please reach out to John Kennedy –

And follow on Instagram for updates and to learn more about other environmental projects happening across UW and Seattle!

The climate movement definitely needs more expressions of culture and a greater human element, so hope to hear from some of you soon!