UW Formula Motorsports Seeking Business, Design and Marketing Students

UW Formula Motorsports Seeking Business, Design and Marketing

UW Formula Motorsports is actively looking for design, business, and marketing
students to join the team for summer 2021 and beyond!

Here at UWashington Formula Motorsports, we design, build, test, and compete with an electric formula-style race car. We produce our own designs, perform our own machining and manufacture our own carbon fiber parts. Currently ranked 11th in the world out of over 200 universities, the UWashington Formula SAE team has continued its long-lasting tradition of success in motorsports.

The Public Relations Team:

The goal of the public relations group is to promote the team to the rest of the university and Seattle community. As the public face of the team, members of the PR team attend numerous events such as the Seattle International Auto Show, Engineering Discovery Days, Paws on Science, engineering society fairs, and student activity fairs. We love to show off our cars, tell people about what we do, and let people know how they can get involved in the project as part of the team or as a sponsor. Public relations is also responsible for the team website content, newsletter, and press releases, and the production of various promotional materials including videos, t-shirts, and informational packets.

The Business Team:

The business presentation event brings together a team of engineering and business students to create a complete business plan and visual presentation for operating a fictional car company and bringing our car to market. At the competition, our presentation is evaluated by a panel of judges as a part of our team’s overall score. There are opportunities to develop skills such as digital design, animations, financial analysis, market forecasting, industrial process design, and public speaking.

Please fill out the application form on our website if you’re interested in joining our team! (Please include your preferred admin team(s), you don’t need to select a preferred technical team!)

Our application process is open and rolling, but the deadline for joining Fall 2021 will be Oct. 1st, 2021.

Please contact us at uwfsae@uw.edu with any questions!