UW Student Journal: Garden of Ideas – call for submissions

In accordance with the fresh year, autumn 2021 will highlight the inaugural issue of “The Garden of Ideas,” a brand new, first of its kind philosophical writing and art journal set to release in two months and recur quarterly. The journal was last Spring’s Husky Seed Fund winner and looks to make solid ground as the first campus wide, student-led philosophy publication.

Created by a group of philosophy majors from different backgrounds, The Garden of Ideas aims to encourage students to interact with philosophy using various creative and academic mediums. Near the end of each quarter, the journal will be distributed campus wide in humanities and STEM buildings alike, local cafés, and even online.

We’re now actively looking for both academic and creative submissions. Our journal is open to both philosophy and non-philosophy majors in an effort to publish work from students with knowledge on a broad range of topics.

We adopt a highly inclusive definition of philosophy that welcomes endless ways of portraying philosophical ideas. Examples of possible work styles to submit include:
–Academic essays

–Creative writing (e.g., short stories and poetry)

–Visual art (eg., drawings and photography)

–Class work you’re proud of

Whether it’s ethics or metaphysics, we encourage writers and artists to formulate meaningful, creative, and impactful pieces that capture their unique philosophical ideas.

Submissions are due by 11:59pm on October 24 and can be submitted via email to gardenofideasuw@gmail.com. Be sure to include your name and contact information, as well as anything else you’d like us to know about your work. Writing samples should be between 2,000-5,000 words, and academic writing should include a works cited page. Art samples are unbounded; feel free to get as creative and deep as possible!

When your submission is selected to be in the upcoming publication for The Garden of Ideas, you will be contacted by our team. At that time you will begin to work in collaboration with an editor to polish your piece into its highest form over the course of two weeks before journal printing begins.

Here is a timeline that visually displays the publishing process:

  • October 4th: Writing and Art submissions open

  • October 24th: Submission deadline

  • October 25th: Work with editors

  • November 8th: Final touches, printing begins

  • November 22nd: First journal issue released on campus and online

Our journal can’t be made possible without your submissions. In the spirit of creation, help us build a comprehensive journal designed to showcase the best thinkers and artists on campus.

We look forward to viewing your content and working with you to publish them in The Garden of Ideas.