Artist Call Details

Fred Hutch is putting out a call for interested Black and Indigenous visual artists from now until Tuesday, March 22, 2022.

One Black/African American artist (or artist team) and one Indigenous/Native American artist (or artist team) will be selected to join the inaugural Public Art and Community Dialogue program and develop rotating public artwork to be showcased across Fred Hutch’s Seattle campus and featured in public and community materials. Final artworks should visually convey the themes, emotions, expressions, history, culture, and aspirations of these communities and seek to uplift and honor our shared humanity.

The selected artists will receive $5,000 for their work and participation in the program.

Please Note:

During this first artist call we are intentionally asking for applications only from members of the African Diaspora and Indigenous/Native American communities. We will be putting out calls in the future for artist of other backgrounds including, but not limited to: Asian, Pacific Islander, Latinx/e, LGBTQIA+ and Jewish communities. Check back for more information later this summer.


This call is open to Black/African American and Indigenous/Native American visual artists, or artist teams, who are 18 years of age or older and are residents of Washington State, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Wyoming, South Africa or Uganda. The selected artists must be able to provide a tax identification number or social security number.

Artists who work in a variety of visual media will be considered. Examples of media include, but are not limited to, traditional art, digital art, collage, graphic art and textiles.

Fred Hutch and Seattle Cancer Care Alliance employees and staff are not eligible to apply at this time.

Final Exhibit Format

One piece will be commissioned by the selected artist (or artist team) and will be translated into a high-quality digital file and featured in various print and digital forms. Additionally, the artist and artwork will be featured on and across our various social platforms. The final forms of the artwork include:

  • A large 18-by-14-foot mesh banner on top of the Fred Hutch Yale building. This location faces a high-traffic roadway at Valley St and N. Yale Ave. in the South Lake Union neighborhood of Seattle
  • A 6-by-10-foot flag flown on campus
  • Digital and print signage across our campus
  • In educational materials the Hutch shares with the community.
Final Artwork Criteria

Artists are encouraged consider the criteria for the final commissioned artwork as they prepare their artist submission:

  1.  Relevent to your community
    The final artwork should visually convey the themes, emotions, expressions, history, culture, and aspirations of your community as represented through your experience and the dialogues held throughout this program.
  2. Relevent to the themes of this program
    The final artwork should honor and affirm the humanity and equal human dignity of people who have been marginalized and excluded.
  3. Suitable for large public display
    The final artwork artwork should work well at a large scale and be suitable for all ages.
Selection Process

The Fred Hutch Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion has intentionally created separate Black and Indigenous selection committees who will:

  • Advise on requirements of the artist submission process
  • Review application submissions
  • Select the final artist, or artist team, and guide the final creative pieces of art to be displayed on the Fred Hutch campus and shared with our broader community

Each artist selection panel consists of representatives from the Fred Hutch Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion; the Fred Hutch/University of Washington Cancer Consortium’s Office of Community Outreach & Engagement; Fred Hutch Government & Community Relations; Fred Hutch Communications & Marketing; Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and the Pacific Northwest arts community.

The selected artist or artist team will receive $5,000 for their work and participation in the program. Artists are expected to cover the cost of materials associated with the creation of the piece. Fred Hutch will cover the cost of final production.

  • March 22, 2022: Submission portal closes at 11:59 p.m.
  • March: Artist selection panel meets to review materials & choose finalists
  • April: Finalists interviewed
  • April: Black and Indigenous artists are selected and dialogue begins
  • April – May: Black artist (or artist team) develops commissioned pieces
  • June – October: Artwork by Black artist (or artist team) is unveiled
  • August – September: Indigenous artist (or artist team) develops commissioned pieces
  • October/November: Artwork by Indigenous artist (or artist team) is unveiled and previous artwork is archived for future rotation

Artists are encouraged, but not required, to participate in dialogue with the Hutch until the program’s anticipated close in 2024.

How to Apply

There is no fee for entry. Eligible artists interested in this program must prepare and submit the following:

  1.  Statement of interest
    Please explain your interest in the program and, if relevant, your connection to Fred Hutch and our mission. Please limit your response to 2500 characters.
  2.  Artist statement
    Please share a brief artist bio, including your personal commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. Please limit your response to 1500 characters.
  3. 3 – 5 pieces of work
    These pieces can be submitted in these formats: .jpg, .pdf, .png. The size of the files should not exceed 25MB.
    Please label your files in this format: lastname-firstname-title-medium-yearcreated.

Submissions are due Tuesday, March 22, 2022 at 11:59pm. PDT

Click here to apply!