Hiring Graphic Artist to Prototype Educational Card Game

Graphic Artist needed to create PDF ready format game cards for my mathematical and general knowledge Bee Smart honey bee game. Specifically to use photos of the front and back of my game cards to even out the color, deepen the hue and clean the lines of my drawings and remove the white background and straighten the placement of the text on the front and back of the card. My goal is to create a prototype of my game cards.
The game board needs to be created. It will be a pathway of squares with mathematical symbols, bee role names, question marks and Chance on them. It needs artwork to represent a hive, a forest, Drone Concentration Area, lake, field of vegetable crops, almond orchard, blueberry and blackberry bushes and natural Washington vegetation.
Alternately, teach me which program to use and some initial instruction of how to use it and any ongoing problem-solving.
Start date: April 1 or sometime soon thereafter.
Duration: Completion of approximately 400 game cards OR initial formatting software use instruction and any additional time for specific questions.
Rate of pay: negotiable
If interested, contact: Toni Shiurba at tsherb@rockisland.com