UW Housing & Food Services – Hiring Multiple Positions

HFS employs over 1000 students who provide a wide variety of services in support of our mission of working together to enhance student life. This job experience encourages lifelong learning, enhances community involvement, and develops skills that will last a lifetime.

Now accepting student applications

On campus jobs provide convenience, flexibility and a unique connection to the university community. We’re looking for eligible students to work at least 10 hours a week who want to learn new skills. Come work with us!

HFS jobs are a popular option for UW students because we pay well, we’re flexible and accommodating with your schedule, and on-campus jobs are convenient when you’re also juggling classes. An HFS job is also a great way to build on your Husky Experience, because you’ll meet new people and gain new workplace skills.

It’s easy to apply

The first and most important step is for you to let us know you’re interested in working with us. There is a pretty straightforward application process that gets you into our system so we can figure out where your schedule might allow you to fit into our operations.

You can start the process by completing our application online, or you can drop by the HFS Central Office in Terry Hall, and we’ll help you out if you need some extra guidance or are unsure about the process. If you have questions about the process after you apply, check out our Student Jobs FAQ.

Tips for applying

  • Apply early, the sooner you apply the sooner you’ll find a job.
  • Keep your application information and schedule current. This helps us find you the right job.
  • Be sure to add inside@hfs.uw.edu to your accepted contacts so we can connect with you.

We look closely to match student schedules with open work shifts. If your schedule doesn’t match an open shift, unfortunately you will not be contacted.

Your schedule

Since the key component of whether we can hire you is your availability, it is important to know what your weekly and daily schedules look like for the period you are interested in employment. We hire to our staffing needs across all of our campus operations, so if you’re not available during the time periods where we have open positions, we won’t be able to hire you until something opens up that works with your schedule.

Students sometimes wonder why they don’t get hired by us right away after they apply, and lack of schedule compatibility is the most common reason. It’s best to check back with us after a few weeks if you don’t hear anything, in case something opens up, or to update your application if your schedule changes.

Your best bet to get hired right away is to be available for work during the 11 am–2 pm window, as we can always use workers during the midday rushes.

Questions? Contact us at hfsjobs@uw.edu.

Apply online here!